ACT II - Gathering the Grains

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ACT II - Gathering the Grains

Post  Admin on Fri Apr 04, 2008 10:03 pm

Levels 10-13:

A synopsis of Act II, in which the Mithril Mercs obtained the Scattergourd of Marfang, Tears of Diamh and sought Kheferu for weapons manufacture from Hapt-Sept Amun to fight the resistant forces of the Unforgiven. They also assisted Gideon to obtain Siberys Dragonshards to empower Gideon's shield device against the approaching darkness of Izen'draazt and his Fallen minions.

At the same time, Aidan Half-Elven adventured with mad Xanthar on the Plane of Lightning to obtain the Eye of Sorviss from the Cavern of Draal which which to restore the founder's sanity.

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