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Wulfram spends a restless night holed up in one of the buildings of the abandoined village of Rosenrot. He uses the blood of the nazarene to secure the entrance to the room he stays in while he remains watchful over the boarded up window. There is only one incursion during the night into an outer room by one of the Sons of Fenris (in goblinoid shapeshifted form). It is a tense moment but it does not enter his room and discover him. If it had then Wulfram knows he would have been outnumbered five to one, if not more.

Remaining cautious the following day he sneaks out and moves south, keeping away from the main road or trails. Wulfram climbs over the low wall and treks into open grassy hilly plains then turns sharply back to rejoin the track the map says he should follow.

He encounters nothing and the ground eventually becomes more hilly and then he sees massive rock formations as the path becomes broken lands consisting of deep ravines and gullies.

Wulfram sees giant eagles fly into the distance and he makes good time as he travels.

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