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Wulfram climbs above the path and follows the ridge of hills and cliff-faces and ducks behind rocks, etc to keep concealed from expected cyclops minions or spies. Eventually he reaches the wide cavernous opening of the Ironstone Cavern.

Looking down he observes two 9' tall cyclops guards at the entrance to Otha's Lair. He rolls a large boulder down, crushing one's skull. Then Wulfram leaps down from above, slashing with his longaxe and kills the other easily. He waits for signs of reaction frominside and none comes. The entrance is dark so he lights a torch and enters. The natural tunnel is wide and descends gradually over 180' leading to a massive cave that is lit by phospheresecent fungi and lichens. He dowses the torch and lets his eyes acclimatise to the underground environment. He sees large rocks and stalagmites / stalactite formations all around. There is also a massive rock pool visible in the centre ofthe cavern.

He hears another four cyclops guards patroling so he takes cover and sneaks around to the other side. He discovers three large tunnels, all leading down. He notices cooking smells and voices coming from the middle opening so he elects to investigate that.

Wulfram finds the cavern below contains a larger cyclops cooking food around a fire. He sneaks in unseen and hides amongst stalagmites for an appropriate time to move. The large cyclops wears a pouch that appears to hold something bracelet haped inside (the object bulges out). While he watches the large cyclops bangs a gong and calls out. The four cyclops come in and proceed to take meat for their meal from the roasting animal that is suspended above the fire.

Then the large cyclops orders two out to get the others from the entrance, leaving only himself and two others. That is when Wulfram strikes. He blasts the lightning axe into the embers of the fire which blasts them into the faces of the cyclops' , blinding them for aboyt 5 rounds. Wulfram attacks and cuts them all down with some minor difficulty.

He then goes to the tunnel after pocketing the pouch from Otha and hides. The two remaining cyclops' return to discover their leader is killed and bellow in rage. Wulfram runs and they give chase.

Using the Blood of the Nazarene, Wulfram traps them in the cave and then he departs.

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