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Wulfram has encountered the following enemies since finding himself cast out from Asgard:

  • Reisen Morgus
    - imposing figure, apparent leader of the "Wild Hunt" and undead lieutenent for Hel.

  • The Wild Hunt (Wilde Heert)
    - an amorphous collection of damned souls, manifest as horse riders and large wolves.

  • The "Summoner"
    - this powerful stranger entered Haastenmoord and used a large grey beast to besiege the meeting hall, subsequently taking Wulfram captive and imprisoning him in a distant cave. This foe demonstrated mastery over the forces of nature.

  • Children of Gotha
    - the swine demons encountered within the Woedenwood, in the company of Mab.

  • Sons of Fenris
    - these minions of Fenris have manifested as large rabid wolves or as shapechanging goblinoid creatures that can fly.

  • Satyr

  • Strangleweed

  • Assassin Vine

  • Forest Trolls

  • Cyclops minions
    - loyal servants of the underworld giant Formorian, known only as the "Painbringer" in local stories.

  • Robed men (Mystical Cult - Druidic Monks)
    - Wulfram has encountered several brown robed men, weilding steel sickles while another used magic against him.
    - He disrupted them in the middle of a ritual and rescued their intended victims (a small deer and two of the Aranberghs)
    - In entering the mossy rock tunnel, Wulfram has identified this is where these enemies originate from and he has learnt
    they possess the ability to travel through soft earth and stone at will.
    - These men have been changed; their skin is pale, eyes are severely bloodshot and their teeth have sharpened.
    - Perhaps they are aligned with The Corruptor?

  • The Corruptor
    - Who or what is this? Lord Viktor Crosstenmarch sent Wulfram to seek it out.

  • "Lizard Men"
    - these foul smelling reptilian creatures have overrun a massive Sunken City that Wulfram has discovered deep beneath the ground.
    - these enemies are armed mostly with javelins, spears and stone headed axes. Some use nets or metal swords they have found.
    - some of these creatures use magic; a commodity that is not very common in the Haastenmoord world environment.

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