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Warmly received. Otto escorts you to dining room. Viktoria greets you.

"Wulfram, I am pleased you are well. I was most worried when we learnt you had been taken. Viktor feared you were going to be killed. Tell me Wulfram, did you

get injured?"

"Yes. There were two of them - the creature and bis master."

"What was the creature?" she asks.

"A giant creature with six eyes. the other was human, possibly a druid."

"A spellcaster?" she asks, surpsied.

"Yes. He could disappear into the ground and merge into a stone foundation."

"But if he were a man of nature, a druid if you like, then he should not be evil. "

"This one serves he who we cannot name."

"I see." she looks worried.

Lord Crosstenmarch strides into the room. He looks at Wulfram, at first scrutinising him with his gaze, and then he relaxs and firmly grasps Wulfram by the shoulders and says "Welcome back brave warrior, for i had feared the worst. I am pleased you have survived and returned to us unharmed. Again, fortune has smiled upon our village, for I prayed to the almighty that you would be safe." He then releases his embrace and motions for all to be seated.

Otto proceeds to bring in a fine roasted meal of several meats and fine beverage.

Conversation during dinner. table cleared. then the converstaion becomes a little more serious.

"Where were you taken?" Viktor asks. "and did this crazy druid try to do anything to you?"

"I escaped before he could. But he had plans for me."

"What sort of plans?"

"He wanted to control me, make me a part ofthe Wilde Heert, that sort of thing. He seems to have possessive control over creatures. The wolves I encountered around Rosenrot nay have been under his influence baceause his cave is north of there."

"I see," Viktor says. "I believe I may have read something about this man a long time ago insome of my books. From what you describe he is named 'The Summoner'. He is evil and claims to ally himself with Madenstadt and other un-natural forces. It's quite possible however that he is simply a mad fool who tampers with everything and someone who has no clear plan or agenda. He can control creatures of all types, so he is more than a druid. He is certainly a powerful spellcaster and he is dangerous. I am surprised he dared to enter Haastenmoord. Did he say anything about why he did that?"

"No. But there must have been an effect he caused because I was watching and o were all affected at various times by something."

"Yes, I am embarrased by the course of events of that night. It certainly looked like we had all taken leave of our senses. "

"Not necessarily - you;ve had these festivals before and no one has disturbed you."

"Tha's right - I have vowed to protect the people and I have made it widly known to villans like Madenstadt, or the Swine Herder and the Painbringer alike, that Haastenmoord is in my charge and under the blessed power of my god. That some of their champions or equal villans now feel able to challenge that divine power is a source of great concern and worry to me. "

"The creature was not evil ... only the druid. That meanss your magical protection still works. I can only surmise that the creature was after me."

"That might be true, but why are you so imprtant to it. Did it say anything that might be a clue?"

"He mentioned he wanted me to stop taking the wolvenwort. He was going to keep me imprisioned until I changed. Perhaps he was trying to get into a certain person's good books by having me under his control."

"That's certainly a possibility. If he was trying to impress someone it might have been Madenstadt. "

"No, I don't think so. I think it is for a servant of fenris. He was interested in my curse, whhcih he called a blessing."

"Then it might be that he sought to change you so that you would becoe an obvious threat to my people. The Summoner must have figured out that my bloodline, my noble heritage, is that of those who had sworn to destroy the wolves of fenris centuries ago. By turning you into that which I would despise the most would send a powerful signal to all of our enemies because it would tell them one of Haastenmoord's champions was weak and therefore imply that we all are."

"Did he say anything else before you escaped?"

"No, he just wanted me to be free of the village. Free of the humans. Implying perhaps that he might be human himself."

"Then he is crazed," Viktor remarks. "How could he possibly believe he could influence you? Even while you are cursed, you have accepted the blessings of the almighty. There is no evil that can change that or turn you against me."

"It's interesting to note that there was no mist. I saw stars and a clear sky for the first time."

"Quite. That would be because the season is changing. Spring is here. The gloom will fade and Haastenmoord will become an even brighter spot in these dark woods and dark land. Our village will be a shining beacon for all lost travellers who find themselves cast into this game."

Viktoria then asks "How did this Summoner treat you Wulfram, was he kind or simply mean?"

"There was no physical harm - he threw me in a cage, gloated and then left. The creature took me there and then he just appeared out of the earth, in the cave."

"Perhaps he intended to be kind, if you had complied with his wishes. But I realise that if you did that, it meant you would have to become a monster. And I realise that would have been unwise."

"His plan to make me a monster goes against what I believe in. I simply escaped."

Otto comes in and offers 'desert' (pastries and cream) and informs Lord Crosstenmarch that the Aranberghs and Hrothgaard have returned to the village safely.

He says that they have been informed that Master Wulfram is safe and well, currently in the company of the good lord.

Lord Crosstenmarch says "Yes, Wulfram, your friends were all very worried. They immediately went searching for you once they had realised you were taken."

Finish meal ... thank you ... explain rest needed, etc.

Viktor and Viktoria wish you good rest and will invite you back in due course. Viktoria also adds separately, with a slightly cold embrace, "I missed you Wulfram and I am most pleased that you are well."

"As am I," Wulfram adds before he leaves.


Wulfram goes down the hill and goes to Hrothgaard's cottage. Knock on the door. It opens and Hrothgaardf scoops you up with his manly arms and greets as a long lost brother. "Wulfram!" he exclaims, "I thought that Hel had taken you to the Underworld. Yet here you stand, well and safe! What happened, I feared we had failed because i could not find you."

,,,, drink ... drink .... relate everything again. "I know it was deliberate."

"Hmmmph. We should teach this Summoner a proper lesson. NOBODY messes with the warriors of Valhalla and lives."

"Oh he has been taught a lesson, because I escaped. He's not as intelligent as he thout he was." (smiles)

"Then this creature that took you, we must kill that!"

"But the creature is not evil. If we kill it's master, the creature will be free."

"And what if ... the creature is naturally a vicious beast that would simply rampage through the woods and this village if it's master were not there to keep it in check?"

"Then we would have to kill it."

"But this druid has other servants. Wolves. He has admitted he has other creatures under his service."

"Then I swear that this Summoner is now a mortal enemy. If we do not hunt him, then I vow to destroy him the next time our paths cross."

"As do I ."

"Well met brother ..."

Both Wulfram and Hrothgaard get very drunk as they share great stories of heroic deeds and remember good times they have shared in past battles.

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