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Wulfram will read the book on the return journey. He is intrigued by Dominic's statement concerning Victoria's "curse" and his reference to "my kind". I have no doubt that in some regards I have been used and that my being here may not at all be the result of christian faith or inference. Only my faith would have brought me here as my dear friend. I must consider on the return journey what I am to say to my companion in arms and Vicktoria. For the moment I will only deliver the letter to the Lord of Hastenmood and reply to any questions he has, without giving too much away on what I have learned. Best to perceive the visit as one of little communication and a "boring" wait for the reply.


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Next morning is calm and still with a light mist outside. Wulfram consumes some more wolvenwort. Go to the dining room. Shaded in there with heavy drapes drawn closed. Dominik is here with a glass of red .... liquid ... blood? He sips slowly and then looks at Wulfram and asks “did young master Wulfram rest well last night? Was my hospitality satisfactory?”

“Yes it was and I thank you.”

Dominik then summons Otto to his end of the table and hands a wax sealed envelope to him. “Pass this to Wulfram,” he instructs. Otto obliges and hands you a wax sealed envelope. Very nice smooth paper. Very thick.

“I will not delay your journey back any more than you feel is necessary. That is my reply to Viktor. I have instructed Otto to make my horse drawn carriage ready to take you back with all haste. I think you'll find the journey most intriguing.”

“As would I Lord Madenstadt, considering how I got here.”

“It is my pleasure. Have you uncovered any mysteries in my manor? I would be very surprised if you have not. Spread the word that I am a great man and that I bear the people of Haastenmoord no ill will.”

“I have learned much ... and for a warrior with what many would consider a simple mind I have learned that you must see with more than open eyes. Your paintings tell a story but before I leave I do wish to ask one question if I may.”

“Please do.”

“Why did you inflict Lady Viktoria as you did?”

For a moment there is silence as Madenstadt absorbs the question and regards Wulfram with a stern gaze that soon softens.

“Crosstenmarch has allowed his faith to blind him. " Madenstadt tells him. "We have our differences ... true ... but his wife's predicament is one of his own making. I accepted his offer and kept my word in the bargain he sought to cure his wife of her illness. He knew the price he would pay before that happened. Whatever he has told you about her 'curse' is a lie. He sought immortality for her and I obliged. Be wary of Crosstenmarch. His family have slain your kind – without hesitation – for centuries. Ask yourself ... why does he keep you around? Do you truly believe that he thinks you are special? That you are a champion, sent to him, to answer his prayers and finish me by deception?”

Madenstadt produces a book from beneath his fine robes and approaches Wulfram. “I give you now something that will give you greater knowledge. This book is rare and very special. Do not allow it to enter the wrong hands.”

Wulfram assesses it briefly. BOOK – “OF WOLF AND MAN” - it is bound in wolf skin and the pages are edged with silver. Wulfram's silver sense is reacting mildly, but he can tolerate it.

“Go now with my written reply to Viktor. Any delay he accuses you of is most unfair. I am always perfectly happy, ready and willing for dialogue.”

“I thank you for your hospitality and i am willing to act as a meditor for the two families.” Wulfram says.

Dominik Madenstadt nods appreciatively.

Otto is patiently waiting ...

A black carriage, drawn by four large black horses with red eyes waits outside. Otto is sitting up front and motions for Wulfram to enter.

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