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Wulfram comes away from his discussion with Dierk with a question in mind.

Why did his family served both families? DId he serve them when before they embraced the Vampiric lifestyle and becme evil. His family had served both families therefore it would seem they were perhaps neighbours at least, with totally different beliefs, though at first the Mardenstadts were not has they have now become. Wulfram will ask Dierk this while preparing for his new task and also if he worked for the Mardenstadts did he know of Seffi, Viktoria's sister and did they have a son, Kut, remembering back to the conversation with Victoria after returning from Mardenstadt's manor.

Wulfram will wait until the return of Hrothgaard and once he returns will chat with him over a few ales and in private will tell him of the weapons that can be used and available for training. Also I will tell him that Dierk and his family should be appraoched to assist. I will also inform him of my visit with the Mardenstadts and including what Otto told and showed me. "We must ensure my friend that Crosstenmark does nothing against the Mardenstadts as this is the balance that is holding it would seem the servants of Hel at bay for the moment. But given the recent encounter wit the summoner and his servant that would reinforce what Otto said that the Mardenstadts do not have total control over their allies. I have another task to that Crosstenmarch has requested. In return he has given me his word not to make any moves against Mardenstadt. I gather the reply to his letter was not what he expected so I hope I have prevented anything rash from happening. We must prepare and train those villagers capable of fighting. Also look to the defences and see what can be done to improve pit traps and the like. Once I return I will help you with this task. But there is a creature that lives int he caves below the dam and I have promised to hunt it down. But it is not good for both of us to be doing of us should be here to help with the defences. But we must do this without causing due concern and perhaps the training could be done in the main hall...out of sight out of mind to everyone including those who may be watching the village."


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Wulfram goes to the great hall the following day and finds Dierk Einshaden waiting for him at the alloted time. Dierk is very relaxed and has been drinking. But Wulfram notices that he remains every bit in control of his actions and demeanour. He stands as Wulfram approaches the long wooden table and thrusts a full handle of mead into one hand and then greets Wulfram as a brother.

"Wulfram, it is good we finally do talk to each other. I have prepared the list you asked for," Dierk says as he sits and then produces a folded piece of parchment from beneath his shirt and smithing apron. Looking quite pointedly at Wulfram he passes the parchment to him and says "that is everything we have available. But I do continue making more items every day, or repairing other implements as the need arises."

Wulfram unfolds the parchment and studies it as Dierk watches him intently. It is apparent that Haastenmoord possesses sufficient weaponry and armour to euip up to one hundred fighting men. Evidently Einshaden's skill has afforded masterwork quality to all of the listed items and he has noted that all raw material is sourced from the local mine with the good assistance of the Sheisenaufens.

Among the items listed are a few noteworthy references; two blessed bastard swords, six blessed and magically enhanced broadswords, a blessed suit of scale mail armour and six blessed long shields. The shields and broadswords bear markings that are reminiscent of Crosstenmarch's symbol and Dierk admits that he discovered those secured in locked boxes in the basement beneath his forge and foundry.

"Sit, Wulfram, drink!" Dierk encourages him. "I have more to tell you, if your ear is willing."

Distracted, still thinking about how Dierk found the special swords and shields in locked boxes, Wulfram nods and downs his mead. It is immediately refilled by one of the serving girls. Wulfram again consumes the entire vessel and receives another overflowing mug, this time of a bitter tastiing ale. "Tell me what you have to say."

"My lineage is old, Wulfram. We Einshadens are a proud Germanic family and I like my father, and his father before him, and his father's father have all been metal smiths in the employ of houses of nobility. We have served Crosstenmarchs, and Madenstadts, for some two hundred years!" Dierk announces proudly.

Wulfram looks at him, this time casually sipping the froth from his ale, and Dierk continues. "We do not take sides and never will. The business between those houses are not for me to interfere in. Their beliefs are not those of Einshadens. We care nothing for faith or talk of gods. They mean nothing to us."

"But you must believe in something?" Wulfram says.

"Yes, our craft. Our profession is the most important thing to us. Einshadens strive for perfection and in every generation it is the dream of an Einshaden to make the perfect flawless blade. That is all that matters," Dierk tells him.

"So you follow nothing?" Wulfram asks as he quaffs half of the mug and grimaces. It's really bitter.

"That's right Wulfram and that is why I challenge Viktor so publicly. I care little for his prayers because I do not believe they can save us. His little rituals might make people feel better but at the end of the day it will have to come down to speed and muscle. You must know this, as a warrior. Viktor should keep people focused on that and keep his petty squabbles with his sworn enemies to himself." Dierk reveals.

"Strange words for one whose family serves Crosstenmarch." Wulfram tells him.

Dierk regards Wulfram with a stern look. "I do serve him, yes, but I think his unswerving devotion to his unseen god will cause our downfall," he says. "He is forgetting us, his people, and it was not until you and Hrothgaard appeared that we began preparing our skills and defences against the monsters of this land."

"I find you interesting, Dierk, and I am curious. Forgive me for asking but ... tell me ... how did you come to be here. You and your family. How did you arrive? I've been led to believe that people who have arrived here do not keep their memories."

Dierk drinks his ale and then lowers his voice, drawing closer to Wulfram. "We do not like to speak of how we truly came to be here. What you know ... or think you know ... is not necessarily true. But there is one fact that remains so. Everyone here is already dead. We have all died, every one of us. My family ... we all died together in a house fire ... fifteen years ago. We burned alive, screaming and I remember the pain like it was yesterday ... when it was over we woke up and we were here. Viktor and Viktoria were already here. And imagine my surprise when I learnt that Madenstadt is not far away."

"I am sorry to hear of your suffering. Have you had any dealings with Madenstadt since your arrival?" Wulfram asks.

"None. It would be unsafe and unwise to try and get to him. These lands are not safe." Dierk tells him.

"Then why do you think you have been brought here?"

"To serve my closest master and that would be Viktor Crosstenmarch. Why is unclear to me, but I do have a theory. You think about these things when fifteen years pass by. I think my family were brought here because we exist in his memories. I think his afterlife has also become ours or that some twist of fate has given us a second chance at life. But what would I know? I am just a simple metal smith."

"And I am just a simple barbarian from the Halls of Valhalla." Wulfram says. "Thank you for the list, let us stop being so serious and let us drink more ale and mead. When I get back from the other side of the lake I may talk more with you about this place."

Dierk Einshaden and Wulfram continue drinking into the early evening and then go their separate ways after eating their fill from the communal meal that night.

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