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The lizard priest hovers and chants in its saurian tongue, invoking its dark power against Wulfram. WILL 26 - for a fleeting moment Wulfram feels afraid but refocuses and glares at the priest who regards him coldly, hissing and flicking its forked tongue.

As the priest chants, Wulfram hurls his warhammer seeking to invoke its lightning strike. The priest's concentration is broken and he snarls, ascending to 40' and fumbling for a mace. The warhammer strikes for 18 hp and 27 lightning and he falls to the ground, unmoving and presumably unconscious.

Wulfram leaps forward and hits the priest in the head, ensuring it is dead. He finds himself alone in the vast cavern with the massive stone wolf. He walks around the wolf to ascertain its size. 100' long and 40' wide. It's head alone is 20' long. He is securely chained to the wall. Apparently recent.

WILL 28.

The voice of great Fenris is calling: “Daywalker ... yes ... I know who you are. I feel my blessing coursing through your veins. You are one of my many sons but ... you are special. Loki may have cast you out of Asgaard and he may have deceived us all to gain his place of power but ... he did not forsee that even I, a lowly wolf, could be so cunning as to ensure I could claim Tyr's Fallen Hero as one of my own.”

Wulfram ignores the wolf as he walks towards the mouth of the cavern.

WILL 28.

“Hear me Wulfram. Resist me all you want to. Hate me. That is good. For, if you free me, then I will consume this world and bring about its demise. That is my purpose. I am he who grows and wields destruction. And your people name it Ragnarok. When I rise I shall eat the Sun and bring this world to its knees. I will return to Asgaard and claim victory against Loki and his minons. He could not kill me and Hel could not take my soul. Thus I was banished to this world and imprisoned deep below, shackled and bound in stone for eternity. But you have found me. You can free me ...”

Wulfram again ignores Fenris, who continues his ranting snarl as the proud warrior walks away.

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