100.2 Jennifer's Background

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100.2 Jennifer's Background

Post  Constant Companion on Mon Nov 16, 2009 5:55 am

Jennifer had been a Slayer during her early high school years but experienced difficulties with it. She was put on medication to calm her down and to help her overcome her denial of her responsibility to be the Slayer after she had been discovered and spoken to by Professor McDowall.

Professor McDowall discussed the role of the Slayer with Jennifer at the wrong time. Her recurring nightmares relate to an incident that happened afterward where Jennifer witnessed a vampire sucking the blood of an innocent victim in the University of Providence campus when she was visiting and she was unable to do anything about it.

In the Year 2088 - in Twin Forks on her foster father's sister's farm - mutilations of live stock were discovered and reported in the local media ... ritual sacrifice had been conducted and vampires had been involved, at least Jennifer believed that to be the case (but that was not widely reported) ... three years on medication resulted as those incidents and her knowledge of the cause put her over the edge.

During the course of her treatment she was taken in by Doctor Anthony Carson. He was aware the side-effects of the pills would twist her reality enough to keep her questioning it and that they would keep her mildly depressed. He encouraged her to focus on academic achievement to help her forget her nightmares and delusions. She did, becoming very interested in art, the environment and science.

As an extra-curricular activity she joined a local martial arts to assist in her mental rehabilitation and provide her with focus away from negative issues and strengthen her mind. Doctor Carson agreed this was a good idea for Jennifer. In a sense she could use it to battle her "personal demons".

Jennifer knows she was fostered but has made no attempt to locate her birth parents.

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