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Wolfram entered the dense wood and followed the tracks of a deer. A young white stag was there. On seeing Wolfram it approached willingly to nuzzle and lick his hand. Then it bounded away into thick impenetrable undergrowth. Wolfram grew drowsy and confused for a moment before his senses cleared enough for him to identify two possible paths forward. Both were barely used game tracks so, not trusting them, Wolfram hefted his mighty Longaxe of Valhalla and chopped through the foliage that the deer had easily moved through supernaturally.

He came to another clearing where a path led in nearby and another led to a narrow overgrown game trail. Wolfram again felt very drowsy and shook the feeling away, realising that this forest felt very oppressive and he began to think it might be "closing in." For a moment he caught a fleeting glimpse of white through the forest undergrowth and then he took the narrow path.

It led him to a dead end, heavily overgrown by vines and branches. Then he noticed a large tall standing stone jutting out of the ground nearby, obscured by the trees. He cleared them, revealing the stone. He realised there might be others and determined that the ground on which it stood was actually a small mound, perhaps either a natural hillock or more likely a man made barrow and he thought that perhaps more stones might be found on it, arranged in a circle. He searched and confirmed his suspicions when he located a second stone standing at an angle. He sought out any possible entrances into the barrow and found nothing obvious. So Wolfram decided to transit around the small hill and determined it to be about 80' diameter and perhaps 25' in height. Again, hunger and weakness weighed heavilly on him and seeking sanctuary from the cold night he entered amongst the thick foliage and huddled within the midst of the stone circle he had found.

He slpe soundly, regaining some of the wounds he had suffered but learnt the bite he had taken from the large wolf hound would not heal completely. It ached and oozed pus, causing him discomfort with the infection. Light snow had fallen through the night. Dusting it off his furs and leather armour, Wolfram elected to move north beyond the stone circle through lighter underbrush and thick tree trunks.

By midday he again felt overcome by dizziness, minor nausea and an overwhelming tiredness. He rested briefly, or so he thought, before he realised it was nearing the hour of darkness. He could hear a low grunting in the underbrush and set ambush. A wild pig moved past then stopped. It saw Wolfram and charged. He met it and felled it quickly with a blow to the head from his Warhammer of Thor.

Seeing the pig awakened a new sensation in him. He could see its vitality ebbing away and smell its blood and then he entered into a monstrous feeding frenzy and gorged on the wild pig's raw meat until he felt sated and drifted into a heavy slumber.

Nothing disturbed his sleep and on waking in the early morning Wolfram realised something was different about him now, that something had changed. The bite still throbbed and felt painful. His heart grew heavy as he realised the wolf hound that infected him was probably a shapechanger. This worried him.

Wolfram buried the pig's remains and then continued north through the woods.

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