Episode 1.03 Graveyard Smash

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Episode 1.03 Graveyard Smash

Post  vampyre on Thu Jan 21, 2010 4:01 am

"This is radio 89FM...the storm is nearly over folks and someone out there has been doing something utterly grotesque. Authorities are at a lost to explain who is responsible for digging up graves at St Mary's cemetary...talk about gross man!!!!..."


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Chapter 1.03 Graveyard Smash Act 1

Post  vampyre on Sun Jan 24, 2010 9:47 pm



The gloomy still of the night is disturbed as wind rustles through the trees whipping up leaves from the ground. Through the gloom stands the church of St Anne, built in the early 1800’s by settlers from France, its stone masonry and gothic architecture standing the test of time. Surrounding the church is a tall wall of wrought iron enclosing the graveyard. The reason for Jennifer being here. Just who or what was removing bodies from the graveyard?

Jennifer is wearing close cut tight black jeans with a loose fitting pale green translucent top over a white sleeveless vest. She has the witch blades at her sides, clipped onto the belt lops of her jeans. Also available at her disposal is a wooden stake attached discretely to one of her dark red calf-high boots.

She patrols the moonlit graveyard on the edge of town looking for any recent signs of unusual activity. Four graves have been dug up and there is police tape around them. “Blood fangs” have been painted (in red) on the headstones.

INT+KNOWLEDGE (12): Jennifer recalls that the “blood fangs” are into the gothic scene and they do have a club at university. Jennifer also encountered them at university. These kids, mostly girls, are into the “I want to be a vampire” scene, often imitating them. Something was 'driving them' or 'pushing them' in that direction and there was a lot of talk about the group's focus being a gothic TV series (soap opera) called dark shadows that featured a family of vampires. She once contemplated joining them but then she was contacted by her Watcher and that is when she first became aware of her destiny and learnt that vampires were indeed very real and not something to be idolised. She was 'scared off' following through on her intention to join the club of gothic misfit girls. Rather she was encouraged to pour her energies into her school studies until she could undertake full-time training as a Slayer.

The headstones name people who died very young and they all died on the same date. All were girls (16, 17, 16 and 17). “Tragically taken from us”.

Jennifer looks more closely at the disturbed graves. Do they show evidence of having been dug open, or perhaps more sinisterly, has somebody dug their way out?

The graves have been hastily dug as if in haste and the coffins were removed. These are empty holes.

Jennifer's first thoughts are that the four girls all knew each other and may have entered into some kind of suicide pact with a agreement within the club that to enhance the fantasy of becoming vampires that club members would take the bodies and make it look like they have come back. But why make it obvious by painting the club logo? Something doesn't add up. Jennifer decides to figure out where the nearest members of the club congregate. She thinks she'll find something on the internet and plans to check that out.

She continues her patrol, wary that this is a police crime scene so she takes care not to disturb any evidence or leave too much in the way of footprints, etc.

PERCEPTION+NOTICE (9): There is a sound. A car? She looks around. (17) As she gets close to the fence she sees there is a road and there is a car that had slowed down but it has sped up and gone past. She gets a glimpse of someone in the back seat looking at her. A youngish face, female. The car was a black SUV.

PERCEPTION+NOTICE (17): Jennifer discovers another grave of a 16 year old girl named Emma Dempsey, who died on the same night as the others. But hers is undisturbed. There is the sound of a car again. Jennifer hides nearby amongst some bushes and watches. A car (police car) pulls up near the church – radio (“we're going in for a quick patrol”) - Jennifer remain hidden until the officers depart. She realises they will see her car if they reach the other side of the cemetary. She moves quickly to her vehicle and intends to move it by driving without the headlights around to the other side of the church. Then she will exit the car and wait in the shadows of the church until the officers have departed.

The police leave after 10 mins and Jennifer returns to the graveyard and examines the new headstone of Emma that she found. No blood fangs have been painted on this one. The inscription reads the same “Tragically taken from us.”

Jennifer resolves to find out where Emma went to school and where she lived. She also notes down the names of the other headstones. Nichola Thompson (16), Jana Carmichael (17), Karen Watson (17) and Gwendolyn Barber (16).

All of the girls died two weeks ago. The disappearance of the bodies from the graveyard occurred two nights ago.

Jennifer patrols the graveyard and then she drives to downtown Seaport to see what is open at that time of night. Nothing much is open, the place is quiet. So she drives home.


She parks the car and goes inside and does some research on her laptop computer to look up the girls names on the internet and see if they had any social networking pages. They all have an internet presence and links to “dark shadows” fan pages. Links to “blood fangs” require user accounts with password access although there are a couple of open chat rooms that anyone can view. What school did they attend – the same one, Seaport Girls High, it seems. If they weren't dead they'd be at school if it wasn't a weekend.

Jennifer decides that she'll wait outside the school the next day and look for any gatherings of girls dressed like goths. In fact, Jennifer decides to dress slightly gothic (pale makeup, black clothes) so that any conversation she might establish is more likely to get her acceptance. She then reads more about “Dark Shadows” from the fan pages, etc so that she is familiar with that subject matter when she goes asking questions.



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Chapter 1.03 Graveyard Smash Act 2

Post  vampyre on Sun Feb 14, 2010 7:39 pm


During her research she learns more about the TV series "Dark Shadows". It is a gothic supernatural TV series now entering it’s 9th season. The series revolves around a family of 6, mother, Contessa Maria Darken, father, Justinian Darken, 3 daughters, Eva, 21, Michelle 19 and Sophia, 17 and 1 son, Justin 14. A family of vampires who live in a expansive gothic mansion with their house staff, all ghouls in their service. The household is headed by Fransisca, a disciplined woman who has her own dark secrets and the man servant is her husband, Reeve. There was 3 maids and a werewolf pet called Lucius.

The show features early evening formatted in half hour shows during the week days and is filmed in black and white. The series is gothic horror in nature but also a soap opera, showing the world through the family’s eyes and eyes of those who live around them, human or otherwise and extended family that often visit. There is vampire politics, with other families vying for power and control, often using rather predicted means of using seduction as a means to an end…the vampire’s in general are implied as exotic creatures, relishing their humanity. Much to the constant surprise and fear by the local humans where they live which brings the humour to the show.

Notice+Perception Check (10) Jennifer notes that the TV show characters don't seem to age between seasons, they always look the same. The show is filmed in the Candian Federation at a place called Vancouver.


Jennifer is waiting outside the Seaport High School. A group of girls wearing uniform, but with a gothic touch to their makeup, do exit.
Jennifer moves closer to the first group she noticed and follows them.

She tries listening to their conversation as they walk.

NFL match, etc ... next episode of “Dark Shadows” ... the goths are trying to interest the other girls into watching it but they're more interested in 'Longview Street' as hospital drama. Then Jennifer sees behind them a girl that looks shaken, worried and everyone around her is ignoring her and she goes up a driveway. Beyond it is the church where Jennifer went the night before.

Jennifer moves toward the girl's driveway and follows the girl out of curiosity. She reaches the end of the driveway, looks around, leaps onto the roof and then leaps over the fence an then leaps into the church yard.

Jennifer follows and lands on the other side of the fence and sees the girl walking through the graveyard ahead. Jennifer runs to catch up and says “Hi there, I'm Jennifer, what's your name?!”

“Nichola,” the girl replies nervously. Her face is very pale. It could be the makeup. She is in uniform.

“You looked like you needed some company, because you looked a little bit spooked back there. Is everything OK?”

She looks back with wild frenzied eyes. “I am here to see a friend. I want to make sure that they don't take her away.”

There are police sirens and a police car pulls up in the church. Seeing them, she darts off. Jennifer follows closely.


They head towards a corner of the church yard where there is a hedge row and suddenly a dark mist surrounds Jennifer, choking her, with sulphurous fumes. An acrid taste.

Jennifer dives out of the dark mist, coughing and spluttering to clear her lungs. She looks for Nichola and sees the mist is gone. So is Nichola.

A voice nearby says “did you hear that? It sounds like coughing.”

There is a reply and its obvious that the police officers are headed her way, Jennifer climbs over the hedge row and stays quiet on the other side. Her eyes have watered slightly from the stinging, irritating smoke. She waits.

A voice says “I thought I saw someone ...”

“Hey, over here! There's another stone with the mark.”

Jennifer realises that Nichola is one of the four original missing girls. Nichola Thompson (16). Occult+Intelligence (14) – How can Nichola
be running around in broad daylight?

Jennifer does not think she is a vampire. She can't be. But she could be a 'ghoul' or servant to a vampire. A ghoul is a human who has some
vampire blood, but retains mortal blood. Ghouls themselves are not that powerful. Nichola is probably nervous and afraid because she knows what she has become.

Who could have done this, and who has sent her to school, knowing what she has become? Wouldn't other girls and teachers know she is
supposed to be dead? Has she been willingly brought back?

Perception+Notice (12) – Jennifer is wiping her eyes and sees a glint on the other side of the hedge. She listens ... there are voices in the distance ... car radio ... she moves some of the hedge to get a better look and sees it is sunlight reflecting off something. She climbs back
over and goes to retrieve the object.

It is a small round object. There is a sulphur smell coming from it. It might be some kind of gas grenade thing. She pockets it to examine later.

She walks around the church to the other side and sees the police taking photos, etc of the newly marked headstone. There are more voices towards the corner of the church. She goes to investigate the new voices.

Three young guys are taling about the police.

“What do we do if they're here tonight man, do we cut their heads off with a spade?”

“Nuh, better not do that man. Better not be here.”

“But what do we report to the master?”

“Let's go ...” and they move off on BMX bikes.


Jennifer follows them at a distance, shadowing them on foot and running if necessary. But to conceal her speed she runs normally and quickly loses sight of them. She did see them head towards an older part of Seaport where the fishing houses are.

All three were wearing black jackets. The jackets have the name “Blood Fangs” on them with a “Three Slashes” symbol. Obviously a gang, she thinks. The boys looked like they are about 14 years old.

So ... the kids are marking the headstones for someone ... and its either them or the other interested party that comes at night to disturb the girls' graves. But how are dead people being turned into ghouls?


Jennifer heads into the fishing warehouse area to look around for any obvious marking or graffiti that matches the symbol/name of Blood Fangs.

She sees the markets are open, trucks are being loaded, etc. Her cellphone goes.

She answers it.



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Chapter 1.03 Graveyard Smash Act 3

Post  vampyre on Mon Feb 15, 2010 7:27 pm


"Hello…ah Jennifer, it is the professor here. How are things?"

“Professor McDowall ... how interesting ... checking up on me again, are we?”

"Yes…well…ah…I am here in Seaport. It seems there is something happening here. 4 girls dead…bodies gone, that sort of thing. Have you been following this at all. I got a phone call from Gabriel, telling me about what happened at Wilfred’s residence…so does this seem that you are ready to fulfil your responsibilities. Because they might be needed here."

“I'm already onto it and I've been following some leads. I think I'm already onto something – I saw one of the girls a short time ago but she got away. I'm at the fish market if you want to catch up with me, I'm just looking around. Where are you?”

“I am observing the police investigation in the graveyard and I saw you following the three youths. So you saw one of the dead students?”

“Yes, I think it was Nichola Thompson. I think she's a ghoul.”

“Yes ... but they have been dead for more than two weeks.”

“My problem exactly,” Jennifer says. “How can that happen?”

“There are a number of ways, however I think the process has been done by a reanimator ... a demon that takes great delight in returning unwilling spirits to the world.”

“But she's been to school – wouldn't other people have noticed that? That's how I found her.”

“Did you notice whether she was talking to other people. Did other people acknowledge her presence in any way. Or was it just you?”

“Just me ... oh wait ... you're going to tell me that she's invisible to everyone except special types like other creatures or me, aren't you?”

“Not quite. She is visible but her curse is that no-one sees or can interact with her. Therefore what humanity she has left will slowly decay to nothing. Imagine being a victim of that at her age.”

“But what's the point? Why would someone do that?”

“Perhaps because this demon takes great delight in watching people suffer. In this case depriving young teenagers their social interaction. I would say its rather like you in your younger days without a cellphone.”

“Then how do we stop this? What does the demon-thingy look like? I'm trying to locate the three boys.”

“Well I'll hang around here and then meet you at the markets somewhere.”

“OK, I'll be looking around the warehouses until then. See ya.”

Perception+Notice (15, 9) Plenty of fish smells and its really busy.

About an hour passes. Jennifer approaches a stall owner and casually asks “Hey, have you seen three teenage boys ride past on BMXs?”

Elderly asian guy says “thoe annoying bastards nearly ran over one of my customers. They went that way.” He points to the docks. “You want fish?” He holds up a snapper with a hook through its eye.

“Errr ... no thanks. Nice fish though. See ya.”

She heads to the docks and keeps an eye out for BMX bikes.

Fishing trawlers and a number of merchant ships from the Canadian Federation are here. One of the docks has trawlers either side and a large two storey building called “Harbour Retreat” (bar/restaurant). Beyond the trawlers is a small merchant ship with a crane beside it offloading containers. Opposite that is a large container merchant vessel, without any containers on its deck. The three BMX bikes are resting against its gangplank. The vessel's name is “Moshka”.

Jennifer calls the professor on the cellphone.

Come on, come on, pick up ...

“Hello, Proessor McDowall here.”

“Oh so formal professor, it's Jennifer but you knew that already because your phone tells you.”

“Ahhh ... no ... can it do that? You have to show me how.”

“Yes it can, oh I forgot you're old. Yeah I'll show you sometime how to set that up.”

There is a voice above her “Hey”

She looks up “Hey are you that girl we called? Sandra?”

“Hey” calls another.

“What's happening?” the professor asks.

“Oh, I'm just on the docks by a ship called “Moshka” - umm gotta go, but that's where I think they are.”

Looking up at the sailors (there are five) she says “No, I'm Jennifer but you can help me. Are there three boys on board your boat?”

“What is it about American girls and cellphones?”

“What about us?”

“Eh, why are you so interested in boys?”

Another formal sounding voice shouts something and the sailors disappear inside.

A man looks down and says “I would suggest you leave young lady, this is not a safe place to be.”

Jennifer moves to the end of the gangplank and looks at the bikes. She looks up at the well-dressed man (he looks like an officer or something) and she says “Maybe you can help me – I'm looking for the owners of these bikes. Are they up there?”

“Yes, they are visiting their uncle and you are not permitted on board.”

“OK. I'll wait for them. I'll see them later” and walks away to the end of the dock.

Professor McDowall arrives.

“Hello professor,” Jennifer says.

“Moshka. It is a name of a former leader of the greater russian empire though if he was that great his name would have appeared on a greater vessel than a mere merchant ship.”

“I imagine he must be so proud with his name on that. I was thinking. Could Moshka be the name of the demon?”

The professor says “No, that would be too obvious. But his origins might be from that region.”

“Well, the nice man on the boat down there has confirmed that the boys I followed are on board and visiting their uncle.”

“The Moshka is docked for another week and a half.”

“So what happens to the girls the demon has brought back after the boat departs? Assuming of course that Mr demon lives on it. Don't they need him to keep them under control?”

“Yes, but that is not what he may want. He may want them to suffer as they are.”

“But why these four. That cannot be a coincidence, surely.”

“That's why I want to speak with those boys. They know something because I heard them talking about the graveyard and being there at night. Only tonight they might not be because the police are there. We have to catch at least one of them here on the dock.”

“Trying to apprehend them without authority will get us both in trouble.”

“Then what's your plan? Maybe I should just let their tyres down so they can't get around s quickly!” Jennifer says.

“Leave that to some friends I know that work here. We know they won't be at the graveyard tonight so let us deprive them of what they want and tomorrow try and speak with that girl again. She must know where the others are. There may be a way to break the hold the reanimator has over them.”

“Good idea – I think she will use the long driveway again so I'll intercept her tomorrow there.”

“No, you be at the graveyard a a loved one if she saw you were grieving.”

“Grieving for who?” Jennifer asks. “One of the others?”

“Yes, Emma.”

“OK. I'll do that.”



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Chapter 1.03 Graveyard Smash Act 4

Post  vampyre on Mon Feb 15, 2010 7:30 pm


That evening, Jennifer dresses in tight blue jeans with a yellow top.

After midnight Jennifer meets the professor at the graveyard. A police patrol had just passed. "We have an hour to complete our task." He uses a borer and with Jennifer’s help, bores down above the grave until the top of the coffin is reached. Removing the bore he then removes a glass vial and pours the reddish liquid contents down the bore hole then they both reverse the bore releasing the earth it had stored in the long metal cylinder. Then while Jennifer packs down the earth and replaces the grass mat, the professor pours more of the liquid around the grave. "She is now protected from any attempt to exhume her body. The earth cannot be parted by any means."

“How do know that this will work?”

“I have used it to protect my family who are interred at a cemetery in New Providence.”

“So what do we do now, do we wait?”

“No. You will return here today, around the time that school finishes. You must get her trust.”

“I'll try my best. She got away yesterday by throwing something on the ground that created a dark mist. It smelled really bad, like sulphur. In fact, this is what I think she used.” Jennifer produces the small silver round object and gives it to him.

“It looks old ... I know someone who might help to identify it.”

“The point is she knows I tried to talk with her yesterday. She might be suspicious.”

“Then change your look.”

“I had certainly planned to; I won't be dressed like a goth.”

“The weather is supposed to be cold and windy later today.”

“Good – so I'll break out my best anorak.”

“You might want to wear your hair up, or under a hat or something. You know these things better than I. I will be nearby.”

“OK. That'll be good.”

The next day, Jennifer dresses more normally in tight jeans but with a black blouse and black cardigan over top. Her hair is tied back in a neat pony tail, although that is concealed because she is wearing an olive green anorak. She has pale makeup, but nothing too over the top.

She waits beside Emma's headstone. She kneels and has placed some fresh flowers. It's very cold with dark clouds and is threatening to rain.

This is close to the time that the school gets out. The bell has rung. Voices are approaching quarter of an hour later.

“Hey, there's someone over at Emma's grave.” The voice is female.

“I wonder who it is,” another voice says. It sounds like Nichola.

A third voice says “I'll check it out.” The voice is stronger, dark natured.

Jennifer stays kneeling. She hears footsteps approach on leaves.

“Hi, are you remembering our friend?”

Jennifer turns slowly and stands, wiping away some tears. “Yes, Emma was my cousin. I miss her terribly.“

The girl says “Yeah, we do too, she was really cool.” Behind her and the second girl is Nichola. The girl speaking has a dark edge to her voice.

“I wish I knew how it happened. She died so suddenly, taken away from us. I can only hope she is in a better place.”

“Oh yeah, we all do too. Don't we girls?”

“So how did you know Emma, were you a close friend?”:

“Oh yeah, we did heaps together.”

“Did she ever seem unhappy?”

“Oh no, not when she was with us. She was the life of the party!”

“Yeah, she liked to have lots of fun. She liked watching Dark Shadows and I watched it with her a few times too. It looked really cool and she always told me so. Do you watch it?”

“Oh yeah, that's just so cool.”

“It makes you think, doesn't it, what it must be like to actually be a vampire?”

“You mean, like, for real?”

“Yeah ... sometimes ... it just seems, you know, exotic and fun. Who are your friends?”

"Oh, I'm Karen and that's Nichola over there, and Gwendolyn.”

“Nice to meet you – I'm Abagail. You seem really nice, can I hang out with you for a bit? It would be nice to meet some of Emma's friends to remember her.”

Karen looks at the others. Perception+Notice (8 ) The others agree, except Nichola who seems to be the quietest of the three.

“Why not? We're going to the mall and then we're going to watch Dark Shadows.”

“Cool, I'd like that.”

They go to the mall. Jana says “Hey Abagail, did you see the last episode of Dark Shadows?”

Jennifer replies, “Nah ... I had something else on but I had it taped and I've read about it on the web site. It sounded really cool.”

Karen says “So do you think the Contessa is going to kill the Chief of Police?”

“Sure, why not? Although she might try to control him instead, which would make it even more interesting, don't you think?”

Jana says “Yeah, that sounds cool. I never thought of that.”

Karen says “I'd much rather see gore and violence. The Contessa is way cool when she deals to her victims.”

The Mall is very busy and they go to the food court. They get some food Burgers and fries, which Jennifer gets for them after they offer the money. Small talk about school and what its like. Jennifer notices that people are looking at her but not the others. It's obvious no one else can see the girls she is talking with.

Karen says “It's just about time to get back. The show starts soon.”

“Cool, let's go,” Jennifer says.


They leave the Mall and Jennifer follows them to a residential area between the mall and the school, which is slightly run down. They reach a small house that is raised on stilts above the ground. There is renovation work being done outside as it is messy and not completed.


“This is our hangout,” Karen says.

“I like it,” Jennifer responds.

“Yeah it's pretty cool getting away from Mum and Dad, plus the other students are just too normal,” Karen says.

Inside the place is furnished with lounge chairs, big screen TV, coffee table and digital service. Nice. They order pizza and Jennifer gets it when its delivered.

Dark Shadows starts ... they really get into it. Jennifer (as Abagail) appears very interested. The story sees the Contessa dominate the Police Chief, rather than kill him as her daughter is dating his son.

“Wow, that was amazing!” Jennifer says when the episode ends.

“Yeah it was way cool,” Karen says. “Look nice to meet you Abagail, we've got other things to do for school and that.”

Jennifer looks around and says “OK, maybe I'll see you again tomorrow,” and prepares to leave. As she does so she also says “Take good care of yourselves, I'm around if you need anything.” (she kind of looks at Nichola when she says that without trying to be too obvious).

Jennifer goes outside and walks back towards the mall and calls the professor.


"Well, why was she looking at you?" Karen asked sternly.

"I…I don’t know." Nichola stammers back.

"So you think she was not convincing…seemed to be too nice for my liking."

Jana says. "Just what is this Abigail for one thing she can see, talk and interact with us. So we led her own…amusing us."

"Yeah…something is not right with Abigail. Hey Jana you follow her. And keep out of sight. We don’t want to be found by Anton."

Jana nods. "Sure."


“Hello, professor McDowall.”

“Again, what's up with the formal? Hi it's me.”

“Oh yes, Jennifer, how are things? I saw you leave with your friends. I unfortunately lost you as you were leaving the mall.”

“Can you meet me back there? I'll wait at the food court. Oh by the way ... could you see them? Because when I was with them I got the strong idea that nobody else could. Like I was talking to myself or something.”

The mall is in sight already.

“Yes, I can see them and I noticed you were drawing some attention. I am at the mall, at the top of the food court and I can see you approaching. And one of your friends is following.”

“So why can you see them and no-one else?”

“I did explain it to you.”

Jennifer moves into the car park and ducks behind an SUV to see who is following her. Perception+Notice (13).

“She's 40 yards from you and is looking for you ... lost sight of her.”

Jennifer ducks and weaves amongst the parked vehicles, occasionally stopping and looking around to see if she can spot the girl following her. She is moving towards the entrance of the foodcourt as she does so.


Jennifer realises it is Jana that was following her. She goes inside and does not make it obvious that she knows she is being followed.

Professor says “She has entered the mall. She had to wait for someone to activate the doors before she could go in.”

“Good, I am coming to you,” Jennifer replies and hangs up. She goes upstairs and meets the professor.

“Hey there - “

“Hello Jennifer. So we are expecting company perhaps?”

“Maybe. Let's just sit here and watch the escalator and see if Jana does come up.”

Jana passes by overhead after taking a different escalator. She walks by and glances at Jennifer, obviously noting she is with the professor.

“I think the girls are suspicious of me. It's like they wanted to know me and I could help them get stuff easily but the -”

“Jennifer, I think we've both made a big mistake. Do you know why they are suspicious of you? It because you can see them and have been speaking to them.”

“The girl named Karen is the one that seems to call the shots. She tries to keep the other girls quiet. It's Nichola I am most concerned about because she is having the hardest time dealing with it. But Karen seems to be getting off on it. She's bad. I can feel it. She could easily use her power to hurt people.”

“Perhaps you have done one thing and have drawn her attention to someone else rather than the weakest among them, which is why one of them is here watching us. Be bold, meet them again tomorrow. Meet them at their house.”



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chapter 1.03 Graveyard Smash act 5

Post  vampyre on Fri Mar 05, 2010 1:26 am

Chapter 1.05 Graveyard Smash, Act 5

After the conversation with the professor Jennifer realises that he had seen the girls too. And of course her seeing them meant the girls knew something was up with her.

At the house the following day waiting for the girls to turn up Jennifer sees Nichola coming up the road, looking around and seemingly worried. She sees Jennifer and joins her quickly. "The others have gone somewhere so it gives us time to talk…but not here, I don’t trust this place." They go to a nearby park and into a grove of bushes, out of sight from a group of boys playing baseball. "Abigail…the others are asking questions about you…you can see us, what makes you so special?"

Jennifer, AKA Abagail, looks at Nichola and recognises her as the weakest of the group. She replies solemnly, “You don't need to know why – you just need to know that I am special. I can help you. I know you died and I know you aren't supposed to be here. Something has interfered and brought you back from the dead. I know you can't be seen by others. But I can see you and that is why I want to be your friend and help. We need to find out who did this to you. Have you got any ideas?”

"Look…we don’t have much time, the others are due back soon. Karen and Jana are into this but I am not and I want out. But they have so much control…can you do something about it? The best thing you can ever do…for all of us, is end it for us Abigail. End it for me…here and now."

“What do you mean? Do you know who did this? Do you know who is controlling the effect you are under? Tell me and I'll stop them. It's kind of, like, my job.”

“I don't know anything and I don't remember anything.”

“Don't you know how you died? What were you doing when that happened?”

“I don't know, I don't want to know, I just want to die.” she pulls out a quality silver knife. Jennifer wonders where she got it from. Nichola rams the knife through her head and falls back onto the ground amongst the bushes.

Jennifer can then sense the smell of death and decay. The skin shrinks on the bone of Nichola's body a she becomes a real corpse again. Jennifer realises this confirms that Nichola was a ghoul. She's freaked out and immediately calls the professor to alert him to what has happened.

The professor answers in his formal manner.

Jennifer blurts out “Nichola is dead, she just pulled out a silver knife and killed herself! She stabbed herself in the head and now she's like all yucky and gross. She didn't want my help. She told me she wanted to die and I wasn't going to do it. Where are you?”

“Watching some kids play baseball.”

Jennifer says “That's nearby. I can see the diamond and field from the bushes over here. We're on the far side of the park. The other girls sent Nichola to ask why I am special.”

“The less they know the better. Leave the area discreetly and leave the body for me to take care of.”

Jennifer asks him “won't the others sense that Nichola is now gone. They all seemed pretty close and its like they fed off each others energy. They might come looking for her.”

“Then you'd better leave quickly so I can go about my business.”

“Right, I'm leaving now. I can meet you downtown when you're ready to go over what's happened and what to do next. I don't really want to hurt the others. I think they're innocent and they're under something's control. I want to help them.”

The professor says “it is too late to help them. They are what they are and you cannot change them back. Nichola asked for your help. Perhaps the others might not. So you may have to do what you have to you.”

“I see, professor, I just really hope it doesn't have to come to that. I had hoped these girls would see reason.”

Jennifer knows the other were enjoying their new condition, with the loss of their humanity. Reluctantly, Jennifer realised she would need to cause harm to give them freedom, to keep others safe as they grew bolder.

“Here's a plan professor; you deal with Nichola and I will go to the house and see the others. I will confront them and help them end one way or the other. I hope they are willing to go quietly.”

Jennifer's gut instinct told her they would not be willing to cross over. Not a pleasant task, but a duty to undertake nonetheless.


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chapter 1.03 Graveyard Smash act 6

Post  vampyre on Wed Mar 10, 2010 9:54 pm

Chapter 1.03 Graveyard Smash, Act 6

Night has fallen bringing with it rain. Jennifer in cover of trees observes the house and has not seen the girls return from where ever they had gone, leaving Nichola to meet with Jennifer, leading to…

Jennifer wonders where the girls may have gone and considers her options. She considers going downtown ...

She receives a phone call from the Professor who advises that the "Moshka" is scheduled to depart in 2 hours. "I would suggest you go to the graveyard where the other victim is buried…they may try one last time."
Reaching the cemetery the gothic styled stone church is lit by white lights arcing up the walls from the ground and hearing talking and angry tones, she sees a tall man cloaked in black and the 3 young boys from the "Blood Fangs" sitting on their BMX’s watching on. The man is angrily speaking in a foreign tongue, the boys not understanding him.
He regards them. "I thought you were supposed to guard this grave…someone has blessed it."
The boys looked at each other trying to find the words. "But Dmitri called us to the boat after that girl began chasing us. We stayed the night there…it could have been done then." One of them says.
"Dmitri was a fool and has paid the price for his mistakes. Archangel does not tolerate failures."
The boys looked at each other in absolute fear of their lives.
The man looked down on the grave and removed a vial. "This is the last chance we have. Should this not work…then I must return to the ship. We depart soon."
"What about the girls…you said we could have them." One of the boys asked.
"No, Archangel has plans for them. Oh they will be back…when they are truly ready and adapted to there new…lives."
The cell phone beeps and the man answers it. "What…what do you mean she is not there. Jana gave her explicit instructions to meet this Abigail…search the area, she is the weakest among them and must be disposed of."

“Hey you there, ugly, did anyone tell you its rude to disturb the dead in their graves!?”

Everyone faces her ...
The boys race off ...

Jennifer advances towards the tall robed stranger and pulls the witch blades to attack.
“So you're this Abagail?”
“Yes, that's what I told the girls.”
“And where is Nichola?”
“Oh, she put a knife into her head. I tried to stop her. She's gone now.”
“Well you have done me a favour.”
“You're sick. She didn't deserve to go that way. “
“Her humanity was too tolerant. She was going to be destroyed anyway.”
“Because she was weak.”
“What did you expect – she was just a young girl.”
The man laughs and says “so are the others but they are enjoying what they have become.”
“They don't have any other choice because you have inflicted that on them. Make it stop. If you don't I will have to stop you!”
“Make it stop? They had a choice and they made it. You cannot stop them. It is too late. Stopping me will achieve nothing.” From under his cloak a hand appears with a metal cylinder over his hand that forms a blade. “Pity I have to do this ... you would make a great addition for the Lord Archangel.”


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chapter 1.03 Graveyard Smash act 7

Post  vampyre on Wed Mar 10, 2010 9:56 pm

Chapter 1.03 Graveyard Smash, Act 7

"Well Abigail where is Nichola? Hmm…those blades look mighty fancy…goes with the looks. Archangel could do with the likes of you…let see how good you are shall we?"

Jennifer attacks the black robed man with her witch blades ...

INITIATIVE 11 – he wins
He attacks with a blade (hits 23) and a claw (parried),

She slashes with her first witch blade (parries) and then with the second (14) which hits for 40 and then she jump kicks as her final action (14) doing nothing as he completes a backward flip to end up 10' away.

...skull and crossbones bead on string of beads, within a masonic symbol ...

He waits for Jennifer to move.
“Oh you're good, I like that in a woman.”
He has a handsome face and is obviously charismatic.

Jennifer is worried because he has a very dark feeling about him.

INITIATIVE 10 – he wins, but continues waiting ...
Jennifer attempts to slam tackle him (24) and he jumps up, avoiding her, and she hits the wet grassy ground. She gets up, cursing.

“I like a lady that curses, they're honest.” he says from 15' away.

She decides he is too far away and instead elects to wait for him to move towards her, ready to parry with the witch blades.

He circles 15' out, watching her. “You're pretty fast lady,” he says as he continues to circle. She keeps a watch on his movement. He walks a little more and stops. Smiles. She sees fangs and winks then he circles a bit more.

PERCEPTION NOTICE ( – he is just watching her and says something unintelligable. She gets the sense he is viewing her as nothing more than an object. Then, about halfway round, he says “so where did you get thos fancy blades from?”

Jennifer regards him coldly and simply says nothing.
“My my, you're not the talkative type now are you? I suppose your momma told you not to talk to strange men. Well I'm not all that strange. I've been watching you young lady.”

PERCEPTION NOTICE (15) – his voice is familiar and his looks ... she has encountered him before. When she was in her first initial tenure as a slayer ... his name is Morgan. He is the one who first sowed the seeds of doubt of her ability. He could have killed her but didn't. He defeated her and simply walked away, criticising her abilities. That was the second time she met him. It was him and another incident that followed that put her over the edge.

“So, Morgan, I see you don't know how to keep your mouth shut, yet either ...” she says. “I know your name.”

“Of course you do ... I always tell the prettiest girls my name. It's the polite thing to do, Jennifer.”

“Why are you here, interfering with the dead girls? I want you to leave them alone.”

“That may be difficult to do Jennifer, as they are like me. You should know that, lady.”

“Like what, a ghoul? Is that all you've become. A servant of darkness, but weak and subservient to a greater power that will cast you aside when it is done with you.”

Morgan smiles. “You should know me, baby, I never give my employer my full CV.”

“So you think you can be better than your master? Surely he cannot be deceived so easily.”

“What you know about me, china doll, is only what I want you to know.” he smiles.

“So what do you want me to know? I'm listening to your fine words.”

“Baby doll, what you know about me is in that pretty little head of yours.”

He is about ¾ around her position ... INTELLIGENCE (9) ... something is in the back of her mind ...
He completes the circle. “Well baby, figured it out yet.”

She dive rolls (DEX ACROBATICS 16) near him and ... he turns at looks at her, he touches the skull and crossbones and for a moment she recollects something – the last time she encountered Morgan it was watched on by the professor. She was defeated and Morgan walked away. For some reason Jennifer got too emotional over the combat and she doesn't know why. But the thing that most annoyed her was that she thought the professor was testing her. She was most upset at being tested by a real vampire and it was arranged by him, which felt like a betrayal ...

Jennifer attempts to strike Morgan with the witch blades (27) ... hits 40 points ... (25) ... he parries with his sword ... DODGE (12) ... he slashes with a claw for 12 points on her arm.

INITIATIVE 18 ... he wins, leaps into the air and backward somersaults to land 20' away, adjust his coat and hat. He looks around, looks at her and smiles. “I wonder if the professor is watching.”

“And I wonder if you are going to walk away like a little pussy this time. You seem to be doing a mighty fine job of dodging like a little scared girl.”

Morgan laughs. “Guess who was the little scared girl last time, baby doll, and guess who walked away. And here we meet again, another test again, now that you're back slayer. And all grown up and pretty too.”

“Things have changed. You look confident but you are a coward. I am stronger now and you keep leaping away. I think you are .... a chicken.”

“Baby doll, come, come, come, why should I hit that pretty little face of yours? Like good honourable enemies sometimes it is good just to walk away. But, baby doll, you want to get close with me ... let's put away these blades and have something to eat.”

“You disgust me – if you won't fight then tell me who you work for and where I can find them. I'm assuming it's some foreign guy on a boat.”

“Baby doll, I don't care on hurting you tonight. You look pretty messy in that get up there. You alright ... my employer is on a ship and its set to sail. I'll be back before years end and if you're still alive slayer, I'll come looking for you.” He starts walking off.

She screams at him, “Walk away you coward and if you do come back, I'll make sure you're dusted. You can count on that. I'll let you go for free, this time. Consider yourself lucky.”

He calls back “I've got three things to sau to you baby doll, number one – don't rant and rave like some dumb blonde, its so unbecoming for a girl like you – number two – I don't think my employer needs to know about you so your identity is safe for a time ... and number three – times have changed since you were last the slayer, the world has moved on in ways you don't even know ... we'll see you Christmas time.” and then he melts into the shadows.

Jennifer dwells on what just happened. She's frustrated that the villain just evaded her and walked away. He taunted her, even though she hit him twice hard. He was hurt, she knows that and she knows that another strike against him would have killed him. Something about him still nags at the back of her mind, but what? She does not know.

Jennifer moves back to the road beside the church. She reaches her car and before getting into it she notices another car has parked beside hers. It is Gabriel's. He steps out, yawning and says “Sorry ... I got here as quick as I could. I saw you two kind of sparring ...”

“Gabriel, it's so good to see you ... but why are you here? Did the professor send you?”
“Yes, he rang about half an hour ago. He was lucky I was here. I spent most of my day yesterday in New Providence. ” He yawns again. “Sorry ... pretty tired. So, you going to follow the guy, or what?”

“No, he's gone for the time being but I have a feeling he'll come back. He's someone who likes to keep his word. Excuse me for moment, there's a call I'd like to make.

Jennifer dials the professor on her cellphone and he picks up. “Professor ... Morgan is back.”


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Re: Episode 1.03 Graveyard Smash

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