The Twelve

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The Twelve

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1. Address each knight always with his proper title, that we may be reminded of the respect and honour due one another.

2. Obey the knight of higher station in all things.

3. Let the magnificence of our arms and armour proclaim our worthiness and readiness to the world.

4. Value the honour of our order above our personal honour; value our order above our lives.

5. Render such aid to those in need as to a fellow knight; indulge the ignorant or witless even unto a fault, but suffer no slur or insult to our honour from those who lack such excuse.

6. Assemble each day upon rising to partake of our fellowship, and to rededicate ourselve to the Twelve and the Seven, which we pledge to defend even at the cost of our own lives.

7. Never violate an oath you have sworn. Never swear an oath you know you cannot keep.

8. Engage the enemy fortghrightly that he may know the origin of his doom; set no ambush nor indulge in any base trickery to overcome the foe.

9. Give quarter to those who yield and render up prisoners in honourable exchange.

10. Let no patrol or command be tainited with the stain of cowardice; once the enemy has been engaged, let him fall under our sword or let us fall under his.

11. Refuse no honourable truce or parley.

12. Suffer not to shelter among us any who would violate, ignore or dishonour this code.

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