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Wolfram came to a small grove and could see a thick wooden post carved with many runes standing and a slight angle in its centre. The woods beyond appeared to thin slightly so further progress would be easier. Closer inspection of the rune post showed it had a very distinctive face of an old beared man carved into it, surrounded by many leaves.

"The Green Man," Wolfram mused. And to this it responded.

"Yes, I am Cernunnos and this is my place in the Woedenwood. Welcome Wolfram, Champion of Tyr and Outcast of Valhalla. You are fast becoming a Son of Fenrir and should be careful here. "

"What do you mean? What is this place?" Wolfram asked.

"This is the Woedenwood and it is overrun by the minions and agents of Loki and Fenrir, among others," the old man's face replied. "It is the way of this world and this place to acceed to chaos. The gods send their champions here to sway its balance."

"Then tell me, Cernunnos, what hope can there be if the gods use us as pawns amidst this chaos. What hope can there possibly be?" Wolfram asked.

"You will find your way against adversity," Cernunnos replied. "My Spirit-Kin will aid you when they are ready. They will warn you and may choose to aid or hinder you as they please. They are free-willed and are not Fey nor Faerie as you might suppose. They are nature. "

"How might I recognise them?"

"Look to the leaves when you feel you are in danger. They will find you if they feel so inclined to offer you favour."

"Then where should I go?" Wolfram asked.

And, fading, Cernunnos replied. "Continue your direction of travel. But know that the trickster Loki and the hunter of dead oppose you. Fenrir gnaws at your spirit and claims you. Look to the leaves ..."

The old man's face stiffened and solidified back into the wooden post amongst the carved leaves. Wolfram stood thoughtfully for while and contemplated this before shrugging and moving north again.

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