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NPC Roster - Allies

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Title and Name

Relationship or Role
Stalwart Master Vigil Sir Taurinius Aurelian

"The Chosen One" and "Paladin Watcher of Heironeous" - Paladin / Knight of the Watch
Sir Marcus Aurelian

Taurinus' father (Knight of the Watch, retired)
Cynthia Auerlian

Taurinius' mother (High Priestess of Heironeous)
Alexander Auerlian

Taurinius' brother (Knight of Dispatch)

Lady Priestess Angelia Severus

Wife (Cleric of Heironeous)
Sir Justinius Severus

Father in Law (Knight of the Watch, retired)
Lady Priestess Zenobia Severus

Mother in Law (High Priestess of Saint Cuthbert)
Lucius Severus

Brother in Law (Fighter, Captain of House Severus Guard)


Servant - Housemaid (F)

Servant - Midwife (F)
Rufrius Quatros

Servant (M)
Flavia Petrius

Servant (F)

His High Eminence Dante Aurelius

Head Clergy, Heironeous
Her Holiness Druscilla Pulchra

Head Clergy, Saint Cuthbert
His High Reverence Allectus Domitus

Head Clergy, Pholtus
His Holiness Scietus Marchellus

High Priest of Heironeous (Keoland)

Lady Priestess Margarita Octavia

Cleric of Heironeous (witness to the original affliction)
Siricus Viator

Adept, Scribe of Heironeous

Young Priestess of Heironeous

Cleric of Saint Cuthbert (turned to stone in Gorna)

Cleric of Heironeous (young priest)

Master Bard Vitruvius Adranos

Consultant from Greyhawk City
Loremaster Senna Proxima

Consultant from Greyhawk City

His Most Resolute Magnificence, Lord Magnus Vrianian

Ruler of Gran March

Grand Master Janus Augustus

Paladin of Heironeous, Head of Local Chapter
Sir Rogelius

Paladin of Heironeous (witness to the original affliction)
Sir Jarius

Paladin of Pholtus / Knight of the Watch
Sir Commidus Braxus

Paladin of Pholtus
Sir Jarus

Junior Knight of the Chalice
Sir Sarus

Junior Knight of the Chalice

Modium Corvinius

Herald of Rao (Diplomatic Courier)
Varo Ennodius

Herald of Rao (Diplomatic Courier)

Gnaeus Artorium Assanius


Head of the League of Diviners (Poison Identifier)

Grandiose Imperial Wyvern Sir Paullas Esdras

Head Knight of the Watch and Chair of the Knight Watchers' Council
Magnificent Imperial Dragon Justarus Aramaxus

Watcher Commander, Castle Oversight, Pellak, Bissel
Magnificent Master Vigil Sir Thomas Gracchus

Family Mentor, Fighter / Knight of the Watch
High Manticore Sir Maxmillian Valerian

Assigned mentor by Knights of the Watch,
Former master when Taurinius trained as a Paladin squire

Ramirus Quintillus

Fighter, Captain of House Aurelian Guard

Baron Harvan

Local Lord of Harvan Province, Buxton's Crossing
Baron Gracius Shiboleth

Local Lord of Shiboleth Prince

Duke Owen I of Geoff

Ruler of Geoff, Leader of The Army of Retribution

Sir Horace Armistide

Lord Knight Protector of Hochoch
Constable Karmen Freck

Morokhan Goresblade

Dwarven UnderKing of Ollbrough

Her Fey Majesty, Queen Yolande of Celene

Lady Rhalta of all Elvenkind
Princess Nytaesal of Celene

\\\"Sweet Beloved Diamond\\\"

Royal Court Mage of Celene
Sir Anelwreth Skywarden

House Naerallyn, Royal Hippogriff Rider Commander
Knights of Luna

Celene's elven knights

Lafvana'ral Kennyrneldeth

\\\"Sworn to Hunt Beneath the Forest Moon\\\" - Elven Sorcerer (Beastchaser)

Wood Elf ranger

Dwarven fighter and underground specialist
(killed by Trolls in Gorna)

Wood Elf companion - sorcerer/ranger (deceased)

Wood Elf companion - ranger (deceased)




Wayfarer, Planer Cartographic Society


Flambouyant Bard,
Master Geographer,
Member of the Royal Explorers' Society,
associate of Disertus Pertacus,
Member of the Boot and Trail League
Watcher of the Coming Sunset.
Rohanus Erratrix

Bard, Watcher of the Coming Sunset
(revealed Song of Twelve Swords and prophecy of the Thirteenth Sword)
Disertus Pertacus

Minstrel (Rogue / Bard), Informant to \"Thoggin's Wheels\"


Druid, Cathedral of Leaves (near Gracchus' estate, Sheldomar Valley)


Displaced refugees from the Duchy of Geoff

Countess Oyanna

Ruler of County of Flen, Keoland (House Kapraysse)


Slave / Fighter / Paladin - Protector of the First Chosen (ancestor in Ancient Suel)

Magi of Lendor / First Chosen of Heironeous (Ancestor in Ancient Suel)

Dwarven scout and harpist (Ancient Suel)

Half Orc Barbarian (Ancient Suel)

Rakasta Fighter, female (Ancient Suel)

Human Suel Mage of Power (Lendor)

Taur's Cohort (magical fantastic creature)

King Kimbertos Skotti

King of Keoland, murdered by Claudellia Galla
King Argas Skotti

King of Keoland, newly installed to the Throne
Prince Eustice Skotti

Commander of the King of Keoland's Mareschals

Alliance of the Good Faiths of Sheldomar Valley


Celestial Loremaster (Eternica)

Archon of Heironeous \"Justice!\"
- Graceful tall human male with long feathery wings

Trumpet Archon \"Vengeance!\"
- Beautiful female winged elf

Hound Archon \"Protection!\"
- Canine headed, heavilly muscled human male

Ghaele Archon \"Valor!\"
- Noble, Knightly Elf

[more entries to come]

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and daughter

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Name Angelika
cool name:-)


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