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Footnote: Taurinius Aurelian has been back on Oerth after an absence in real time of six months. The events of this new campaign pick up from four weeks after his miraculous return. He was feared dead by everyone and he has spent this time adjusting to the news and events of his homeland. The most startling revelation for Taurinius was the realisation that he has a child and all the new responsibility that entails ...

The day began like any other. Peaceful, restful and tranquil. Taurinius stirred and stretched under the bedcovers and lay awake, listening to the birdsong outside. He thought about the day that lay ahead. This was Freeday and, as such, he had planned this day to be special. He planned to spend this day with his wife, Angelia, and his daughter, Angelika.

Downstairs there came a knock at the main door and it was answered by Rufrius, the loyal man servant whom had been by Taurinius' side since his boyhood. Before he had opened the door fully the visitor had disappeared as quickly as they had arrived. The wind whispered a farewell and that was all. Looking out and along the wide entrance pathway Rufrius saw nothing. Nobody was there. There were no footsteps and no hooves beating upon the ground.

But looking down, Rufrius found a small, neatly gift-wrapped package on the step beside the double doors. A jade coloured wrapping with bronze leaf-patterned ribbon and a plain card labelled "For the Master of the House". He shrugged, picked it up and took it upstairs for Taurinius to inspect. He knocked on the bedchamber door and waited.

"Master, sorry to disturb your rest -" Rufrius started.

"What is it?" Taurinius enquired.

"- a package has arrived. It looks elvish."

"Elvish? Then bring it to me. I would like to see." Taurinius commanded.

Rufrius entered the bedchamber and handed the gift to his master. "I shall go now -"

"No, wait. I would like you to see what I have received." Taurinius turned the package over and noted its fine pattern and colour. "Unusual that the sender did not sign their name, nor stay to deliver it to me in person."

"I agree," Rufrius nodded. "But the elves of Celene have been quite preoccupied recently. It is said they may officially be ending their formal isolation, subject to their own internal machinations. Their borders with Gran March and Keoland may finally open if it can be widely agreed amongst their Houses."

"Indeed," Taurinus regarded Rufrius with a solemn gaze and paused for a moment. Then he smiled. "You have always impressed me with your political knowledge, my good friend, and I have come to trust your good judgement. Tell me ... should I open this gift now or wait until Angelia returns from her prayer service?"

"Open it now, Taurinius. It has been addressed to you and I can't help but wonder that it is intended only for your eyes. You can always share it later," Rufrius told him.

And with that Taurinius smiled again and proceeded to open the parcel carefully, so as not to damage the fine design of the wrapping. Inside he found a plain wooden box, finely made with a platinum catch to keep it closed. He flicked it up and opened it. On seeing its contents his face fell and his smile faded. "What is the meaning of this? Who has sent this? Did you see the messenger?" Taurinius asked.

Rufrius looked shocked at first and then dismayed. "I swear, master, I had no idea. This must be somebody's sick idea of a joke to play upon you!"

Taurinius cast the box aside and it fell to the marble tiled floor of the bedchamber, spilling its contents on the ground. A single black rose tumbled out with a small piece of yellowed parchment beside it. There was nothing else.

"That is the Mark of Death, it has marked me as an assassin's target. Tell me Rufrius ... the parchment ... what does it say?"

Rufrius retrieved the parchment from the ground and stammered. "... it reads ... it says ... We remember. We know what you have done. We have not forgotten ... that ... that is all." He looked at Taurinius, his face pale with fear for his master.

"And so my enemy has cast the first stone. By Heironeous' blessed power I will uncover their identity and crush them. I will not let some idle threat make me cower and hide for fear of assassination. This threat shall not come to pass. It will be diminished. I swear it upon my oath as a Watcher and as a paladin in Heironeous' name. Rufrius, assist me with my arms and armour then make haste to summon the house guard and have word sent urgently to the temple ..."

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S05 E01.1

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"Do not fear for me my friend, as I have grown since my....demise. But to me my wife and daughter, my true two hearts on this world must be protected."

I use the stone to contact my mother and inform her of the impending threat. "Mother, I will need protection not for me, but for my beloved wife and daughter. I do not know when this threat will take place, but if you can assist and provide perhaps 2 loyal paladins to protect Angelia and Angelika, I would be grateful. This way I can turn my attention to the threat knowing they will be safe."
I inform my good and loyal servant that I will need Rosalia to be with Angelia as she has always done. "I know that you both have served my beautiful wife as she has become a mother of our child, born from our love, since I have been away."

I prepare with my close friend, confident and not one who will ever be respected as a servant, Rufruis assistance and I apogise to him for seemingly speaking so angy. "I am sorry my good friend. I had hoped to spend my time returning to this world with my beloved family. Just to know that I have a daugther is something I can be proud of and excited as a father...such a thing is just too special to comprehend. Outside that you are my family too. I have done what I can...I now await what faces us. I cannot use Aurielian...the sword is not mine now to bear. It is for another. But my friend know this, I will do everything to protect all that reside here."


The temple's response is swift and immediate; Angelia and young Angelika are sent home to the Aurelian Manor under escort by a retinue of Heironeous' paladins. Their commander salutes as he formally hands over his charge to the Aurelian house guard and rides away with haste.

"You are safe?" Angelia asks with a worried look upon her face.

"Yes," is Taurinius' stoic response. "I have been marked for death and that is all." He gazes into her blue eyes and knows she fears for his future.

"Let us stay close inside. The temple is divining the meaning of this and it is said that Magnus Vrianian has been warned. If you recall, it was he whom you previously saved from being poisoned by that shape-shifting assassin so many many months ago."

Angelika simply plays, unfazed and unaware of what all the commotion is about. "Mummy was crying," she says. "But she stopped."


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S05 E01.2

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I affectionately run a hand over my beloved's face. "I love you more than you will can only know. I see in you in our beautiful daughter, she has your bright blue eyes, your blonde hair..."

I look at my beloved, the woman who has my heart,, and our daughter that is resting beside us. This is the reason I returned. My heart is here with Angelia. I turn to my loyal valet and friend.

"I will protect you my love" I say to the most beautiful woman in the world. Angelia is my heart, and I find it pleasing.


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S05 E01.3

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[GROWFEST] – Low Summer – Starday, Wealsun 15, CY586 - Mid morning

Taurinius is in the summer garden with his wife and daughter, enjoying the warmth of the Low Summer sun. They sit in a resplendent courtyard amongst a beautiful flowering garden that has been crafted by their elvish friends and cared for lovingly by the house gardeners.

Nearby are six ever watchful house guards, two stationed beside the entrances of the courtyard and four positioned on the low stone walls. Taurinius is frustrated that they have become so essential. His return to Gran March and his family has been kept quiet, deliberately. He was assured that it was not common knowledge. Has his confidence been betrayed?

Young Angelika remains oblivious to the increased security, care-free and always playing. “Look father, a butterfly. It's pretty,” she tells him. Laughing, she follows it as it flits and flutters from flower to flower and then she stands admiring it as it settles on a red and orange red plant. It's wings are blue, grey and violet.

“I know I keep saying this, but I missed you,” Angelia tells him. “I am so happy you are home. When you entered Galla's realm and it vanished, I prayed for your return. I never knew it would take so long. I had this garden constructed to remember you, to remind me of the brightness and happiness you have always sought to provide.” She looks past the flowering plants towards a stone archway and for a moment, she looks sad before she smiles.

Taurinius replies "It seems our daughter has grown to love beauty in all its wonder...butterflies. I cannot think of a greater more graceful creature." I turn to my wife and smile. "This is a beautiful garden and no longer needs to be in rememberance of me...but to honour the spirit within us both that makes us one, let this be a place to live and honour the future of us. Remeber what I said at the wedding, I vowed to love you foreever and that is true. I told Heironous that though I would love to serve him...I could not without heart, for that lies here...you are my heart."

“I also had another building constructed, should the time come that I might need to remember you in another way. I would have told you sooner but you've been readjusting. The path through that archway leads to a memorial that is blessed and dedicated to you. It recounts your rise from squire to paladin of Heironeous and it records your entrance to the ranks of the Watchers. It tells your story of triumph over darkness and it recalls your adventures. It also proclaims your love for your family and our pride in your accomplishments.”

“I am worried about the threat you have received. After so long. What could it mean? Your enemies either fled or were scattered far away. And those who did not go were killed. Yet someone from your past knows you have returned. I am afraid.”

Taurinius responds "Do not be...Let me be the one who fears for us and thus deals with it. Here you are safe, the gardens are blessed and the Church has sent aid to protect you. It may mean that your movements may be restricted but it will only be until this threat is over. We will use the stone to contact our parents and rather than have us visiting them ... have them visiting us, restrict the opportunities these people have to harm any of us. I must send my thanks to the elves for designing this beautiful garden...and inform them that it now represents our future together and of two hearts that are one."

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S05 E01.4

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[GROWFEST] – Low Summer – Starday, Wealsun 15, CY586 - Late morning

Taurinius stands and moves towards the archway that leads towards the memorial. Flower beds full of brilliant colour line the cobbled path that leads to a low stone building. It features stone columns and on either side of the entrance to the remembrance sanctuary are two full-size stone statues of Taurinius looking stoic and facing forward in full knightly regalia. It is impressive and finely sculpted. The double doors are closed.

Angelia says “It is not locked and you are free to go inside.”

Taurinius enters, embarrassed by the statues of him. Angelia clasps his arm and holds his hand lightly, ushering him gently inside. It is a small chamber, approximately 10' x 10' in size. A plush red mat with gold trim has been placed on what would have otherwise been a bare cold stone floor. Paintings and murals of Taurinius and his exploits are on the walls and fine tapestries. There are replicas of his major items on display here, though none are magical and are are ornamental only. “We constructed these from our memories of you,” Angelia explains. “Both elves and dwarves assisted in constructing this sanctuary.”

At the far end there lies a stone sarcophagus with a replica of Taurinius laid upon the top, with his arms crossed over his heart and a carved replica of a shield beside him and another carved replica of the sword he held.

“I feared you had passed away forever and I would often come here to see you rest peacefully. This carving is so life-like,” she tells him.”

Taurinius has a weird sensation as he sees everything around him. There is movement outside the sanctuary and Taurinius realises the two guards have taken up positions near the entranceway.

“A lot of people have put a lot of effort into this and from what you said i can understand why you did this.”

Angelia looks at him, directly into Taurinius's eyes and says “I have keeping something else from you, but do not fear. It is good news. I am with child. Another blessing from Heironeous after your return to us. I am so happy. “

Taurinius is speechless and happy. He embraces her and holds her gently. “Does anyone else know?”

“Nobody else knows yet, I have waited to be sure and have only told you today.”

“We will have to get our parents across and give hem the good news.”

“Yes, they will be very happy!”

Little Angelika asks “What are those?” She is pointing at a tapestry that depicts the scene from the Sea of Dust where Taurinius and Angelia led his soldiers to find the Shrine of Lendor. She is pointing at the ruins depicted in the picture.

“They are the remains of an old temple,” Taurinius tells her.

“A temple like mummy's?” Angelika asks, curious and wide-eyed.

“No love, it is to a different god. The god of time.” She nods understandingly He leans down and says “how would you like to know a special secret?”

Jumps excitedly and says “yes daddy, yes!”

“Now you can't tell anyone,”

“No ... I won't tell. Cross my heart and hope to die.”

“Never hope to die ... listen. Very soon you will have a little brother, or sister.”

She looks at Taurinius and giggles and says “OK,” and then she asks “So why are you and mummy in that picture?”

“Because we were both there. We both travelled to that place.”

“It looks dirty and scary. I feel like I've been there. It doesn't look nice.”

Taurinius looks at Angelia, slightly surprised. “Has she said that before, when she comes in here?”

Angelia is puzzled and simply says “No, she has never expressed any interest in that before.”

Taurinius looks at Angelika and asks “is there any other place that you see here that is familiar to you? Why this place?”

“Ummmmm .... I don't know,” she says wide-eyed. She is looking around at all of the paintings and Taurinius can see she keeps looking back at that one particularly.

Taurinius tells her slowly about the painting and what the place was like and how he went back in time. She listens to the story and description intently, ot interrupting. She seems to understand everything he tells her. He includes a description of Taur and Angel's companions from that time, with an emphasis on Osiron (the magi of Lendor).

She shrugs and says “he's a nice man.”

“Who darling?”

“The old man you described. Osiron.”

Taurinius had not mentioned him by name and is stunned by this revelation. He says “when I went back in time, I met Osiron. Do you know whether he had other companions outside the ones I mentioned?”

“Yes, daddy ... “ she describes the others that Taurinius told her about, and gives their names. She does not describe Taur or Angel. “They were very brave.”

Taurinius is quiet and goes outside. The two guards that stood by the entrance follow, keeping a close eye on all of the family members. Taurinius looks at Angelia and says “Do you know what this means?”

“No, are you concerned?”

“A little because I don't know what is happening here except our daughter is remembering things from 1,000 years ago and involving Angel's own adventuring party. These were her companions.”

Angelia thinks about that and replies “Perhaps this is another blessing from Heironeous. The gods do work in mysterious ways.”

Taurinius nods knowingly and leads them back to the courtyard. He signals the house guard who remain at their posts as he takes his family inside. “We will summon our parents here, both familes, so that we may announce our new blessing to them together.”

Angelia says “I will make the arrangements ...” and she motions for her house maids to look after little Angelika. “See that she is bathed and dressed for tonight's gathering of the families.”

Both Rosalita and Ivmarus nod and attend to their young charge. Angelika skips innocently to follow them upstairs.

“See you soon,” Taurinius calls to her.

“Yes daddy.”

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S05 E01.5

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[GROWFEST] – Low Summer – Starday, Wealsun 15, CY586 – Early Afternoon

Taurinius contacts Gnaeus the Seer with his sending stone.

Gnaeus responds “hello ...”

Taurinius greets him.

“Ah, young Chosen One, it has been a while since we last communicated. Is everything OK?”

“Everything is fine, however, my daughter is grown up faster than anyone would have thought. She is talking and walking and looks about two years old. Today she remembered a ruined temple in the Sea of Dust and not only that, she remembered 'being there.' I described to her Angel and Taur's companions without naming them and she named all four. She said Osiron was a very nice man. How can this be? She is remembering information that we have kept deliberately from Angelia to protect herself. I don't expect an instant answer but I want you to know and understand what has happened.”

“Interesting ...” Gnaeus responds. “I had wondered what the temporal effect of the time transfer may have caused. I am sure this is harmless. But it is very interesting indeed. I can only guess at what is happening. But I am sure that Lendor himself has some reason for this.”

“So you think it is Lendor? After all it was he and Heironeous that agreed to ressurect Angel in Angelia.”

“Yes ... yes ... indeed. And in doing so has invoked the memories of Angel within Angelika. This is remarkable. Tell me, your daughter, she is certainly showing signs of being very advanced. Does that concern you or are you convinced that it is a blessing?”

“No, because the only blessing I would have wanted would be Angelia. Taur being reunited with Angel as a father ... I certainly am struggling a little bit. Look ... we have received a death threat, delivered to our front door .... the letter is with the temple at the moment. This temporal thing – is it going to continue, as I have just been told Angelia is to have another child. This is to be kept to yourself, of course.”

“I see ... fascinating ... and what form did the threat you received take. Was it physical?”

“A letter.”

“Ah, yes ... I see. Just a letter?”


“Then yes ... your news of another child will stay safe with me. The effect of time travel and any magical properties pertaining to your transference may yet be fully realised. I am intrigued and will consult my tomes and manuals and look to the stars to see if there are any clues to what may unfold. ”

“So this temporal thing has been going on all this time, or has it just started?”

“Let me see ... you have been away for some time and events on Oerth appear to have stabilised. I can see that events of the past were altered and the results of that were kept in balance and in favour by Lendor and Heironeous. But there may be some side consequences, some 'leakage' that we are only just beginning to recognise. I have observed nothing out of the ordinary. Indeed, during your absence ... significant peace has been realised with Galla and her minions no longer being dominant in the power struggles of this world. And indeed, the Heralds of Rao succeeded in finding an important artifact and they have used it to rid much of this world of demonic fiends.”

“What is this artifact?”

“It is the Crook of Rao. The priests of that faith gathered once it was located and called out in unison to their god. He responded and that day has been immortalised in history as the flight of the fiends. It is most impressive but of course, that has no relevance to your situation. But something of interest that you should know is that a single clone of Galla does still exist. Far way across this world, across the deep waters of the Azure Sea, there lies the realm of the Scarlet Brotherhood and it is there where the clone remains. The Brotherhood has gained in power and has established footholds in many lands of the Flanaess. But I do not see the threat you have received as being from her. She is in hiding. Few, save your priests, have detected her presence and she is weak. She will never lay claim to the power her original possessed.”

“The threat is indicative of a group. Perhaps they might know the difference in the two time streams and the changes that the second one brought after I destroyed the weeping hexagram.”

“Possibly. You are aware of a secretive organisation that call themselves the Bringers of the Coming Apocalypse?”

“Yes, and they did seem to know about my mission to destroy the weeping hexagram. They knew it would change history. They would seem a logical suspect. And indeed they would be one of the few groups who would know what happened.”

“I agree. Perhaps they are targeting you again. Be wary. I do not know what methods they might employ against you. An assassin may be too subtle. They are a group that would want their victim to know who they are facing. But then again, cowardice is a trademark of theirs, so maybe they have passed the task on to others.”

“They could have easily summoned a demonic assassin.”

“Where did you receive the threat? Was it in a protected location?”

“It was at my residence, right outside my door. It is protected.”

“I see ... then I find it most unlikely that a demon was involved.”

“I agree – it could have been just a human messenger, knowingly thinking he was delivering just a letter. Look, soon I plan to put myself out there to be targeted.”

“A bold move, that may just draw them out. Or they may be very patient.”

“It is important that my family is protected. If Angelia has a son then he will become the new Chosen One. She does not know this. Heironeous has declared it and has already named him.”

“This is good news. See to it that your temple provides all the necessary protection that you require. I will research further into the Bringers and any other possible leads I can fathom.”

“Can you discreetly contact Greyhawk City and tap into their knowledge?”

“Certainly, I shall communicate directly with some of the Masters in residence at the Grey College.”

Taurinius thanks him for his assistance and says “our future family must be kept quiet. If anyone found out that Angelia is pregnant with the next chosen one she will become a definite target.”

“Your secret is safe with me. Do not fear for your family.”

Taurinius attempts to contact Dante Aurelius at the temple with the sending stone. He receives the incoming communication.

“Your High Eminence, it is Taurinius here ...”

“Ahhhh ... yes ... it has been quite a while since we last spoke with each other young Master Stalwart Vigil, or shall we simply name you as the Chosen One?”

“I am no longer the Chosen One.”

He expresses surprise and enquires “In the eyes of Heironeous you are still his most favoured son? Are you not chosen for that purpose?”

“Heironeous told me I can never use Aurelian again. It is promised to another. If you join me this evening and my family, I have some news. Then I need to speak with you, my father and Angelia's father privately afterwards. You will have your answer then.”

“Then on your word and invitation I accept and shall meet with you this evening. Is this to be at your residence, or another?”

“Yes, our residence. It is for dinner. We may have a clue on who wrote the letter – the Bringers of the Coming Apocalypse.”

“I will see you then. We have some clues also that we can discuss later.”

Taurinius thanks him and ends the conversation.

Taurinius joins Angelia and informs her that Dante will be attending also. She smiles and says “that will lovely. Tonight will be a pleasant occasion. A happy time for us all to celebrate.”

“Indeed my love,” Taurinius replies.

The servants prepare for the dinner while Taurinius and Angelia prepare themselves for entertaining their guests.

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S05 E01.6

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[GROWFEST] – Low Summer – Starday, Wealsun 15, CY586 – Evening

The guests arrive. Guards from House Severus and paladins from the temple of Heironeous are in attendance with their charges.

... Taurinius is thinking and he has a brief private discussion with Angelia before the guests arrive ...

“Do you want to tell them the news?” he asks her.

“Of course, as is proper.” She smiles and says “I know this is new to you and that you are excited. Forgive me, I am teasing. But I will tell them as a mother who is expecting. The baby is advanced as I can already feel it kicking.”

“Was Angelika the same. How long was your pregnancy with her?”

“Four and a half months. She was also very advanced.”

Taurinius is unsure of what to say. “Well we are blessed with one pair of little feet and now we will have another. This house is truly becoming what I envisioned, one with a family.”

The guests have arrived and greetings / pleasantries are exchanged and an amazing banquet is laid out for everyone to share. They eat, they chat, they then retire to the evening lounge area.

Taurinius informs his captain of the house guard that he shall be taking the men out into the courtyard for quiet counsel. “I will ensure that necessary security is in place,” he is told.

Cynthia, Taurinius' mother exclaims ... “this is wonderful, what a nice occasion and your first major house gathering since you came back to us. Tell us, why have you gathered us all together?”

Angelia stands by Taurinius and holds his shoulder gently. She breaks the news of her pregancy and everyone is amazed and very happy for them. The women gather to chat while Taurinius calls his separate meeting in the courtyard.

They go to the garden of Heironeous, one of several established to honour the good faiths in Taurinius' estate, and seat themselves.

“Upon my return here the most surprising thing is how advanced my daughter had become outside the obvious good news of having a child.”

“Does this trouble you?” Dante says.

“Today our daughter looked at one of the paintings in the remembrance sanctuary and said that she had been there before. I told her the story and then mentioned Angel and Taur's companions, but not of Angel or Taur themselves. I gave no names and she named them. She said that Osiron was a very nice man. The scene she remembers was the one where I went back in time to destroy the weeping hexagram, which originally had not been destroyed. There seems to be a link with Angelika that Gnaeus believes may be related to the god of time. There is one other matter which may require assistance by the church and the watchers. I told Dante that I am no longer the chosen one. This is true. I can no longer weild Aurelian. Heironeous has said that there will be a new chosen one and it will be our son, who will be named Taurus. Now Angelia has said that this pregnancy, like the first, is advanced and if it is a son then he will become the new chosen one. We must do everything we can to keep this knowledge to ourselves for if anyone found out such as the Bringers of the Comining Apocalypse, or the Scarlet Brotherhood, they will do all they can to prevent our new chosen one from being born or indeed coming of age. Angelia does not know this for the same reason, just as she does not know she is Angel reborn.”

The men nod solemnly and confide their shared concerns.

Dante stands and addresses Taurinius. “Do not worry for the safety of your wife, your daughter or your unborn son. Heironeous will ensure their safety and I will instruct our order to lend all measures of protection as they can. There can be no doubting that Lendor, the god of time, has played a part in this. But it is also clear that he has done so with the knowledge of Heironous. It will be an agreement between them. In time its purpose shall be revealed.”

Taurinius' father stands and says “the passing of Aurelian from a father to his son is expected, so this is no surpise. You have served Heironeous well and shall continue doing so, albeit with a different blade. This is nothing to feel ashamed of, but rather it is the nature of the inheritance for that blade. You have the full backing of the Watchers and we will stand by your side to ensure this house remains protected.”

Dante says “There is more you should know. We have been conducting divinations into the nature of the threat, the letter and the rose that you received.”

We combined with the other faiths (the Alliance of Good Faiths of the Sheldomar Valley) and together we learned:

  • The black rose (a “midnight eclipse”) is a rare flower for Oerth as it does not originate within the Flanaess. The flower comes from the planes, most probably from a location within the void
  • The black rose was delivered via teleportation, which makes sense as there was no messenger that the servant could describe
  • The black rose is indeed a traditional “Mark of Death”, the use of which indicates that whomever has elected to target Taurinius is being honourable in that they have made the clear intention known
  • The individual that sent the flower cannot be identified but it is clear they must be someone that possesses – or who can access - the ability to undertake planar travel
  • The fact that the flower originates from off-world implies that the assassin is not from Oerth either
  • There is no solid evidence and auguries are proving inconclusive but it is most probable that the Scarlet Brotherhood is behind this
  • The Scarlet Brotherhood is noted as being the most insidious group whom has recently gained greater power and is known to be ruled by His Peerless Serenity, The Father of Obedience (true identity unknown) – previously secretive and isolated, this brotherhood has succeeded in toppling several regimes and is known to have Gran March in its sights
  • Dante suggests that the Syrloch might be consulted more more information.

Taurinius considers this news and talks of what Gnaeus told him, about the Bringers of the Coming Apocalypse and suspects they are working together. This is because they were working together before when he encountered them in Slerotin's Tunnel. They would be one of the few groups that would know the differences of the time change, though the rumours of Theoparts still exist. It is just coincidental that on this same day that Aneglika began remebering the shrine of lendor and the sea of dust. Gnaeus also said there was some temporal energy related to Angelika from the god of time. The same day that Angelia told me she was with child. I could not believe these are coincidence.
It is also the Scarlet Brotherhood that has the last of Galla's clones. Gnaeus has asured me she is weak and in hiding and will never have the power her original had.

“Ganeus is correct about Galla. We will continue our studies into matters pertaining to the Scarlet Brotherhood and Galla. Until whomever they have employed against you to enact the death threat appears, we will do everything possible to ward your property and keep you safe.”

“I thank you however I am considering putting myself out there to become a target of opportunity. But only a target as one in a prepared environment. I will not be doing this immediately. I think we should frustrate them and then shall we say, thinking the threat is over, I let my guard down and give them the opportunity.”

“Remember the teachings of the knighthood,” Taurinius' father says. “Show strength and courage. Conduct your normal business and do not show cowardice. I know you haven't and I know you will not. When the assassin reveals itself, take it head on. If you hold back they will exploit any weakness they have identified. If you can learn the assassin's identity before they come to you then cast the first stone. Strike hard and strike first. Make it an honourable fight. One that is fitting and one that your enemy will never forget.”

“You read my mind father that is exactly what I was going to do.”

Rufrius, Taurinius servant, interrupts the meeting apologetically, “forgive me master but a friend of yours is at the front door. Shall I admit him. He is Narcamemnus. Is now a welcome time for him to be here with our guests?”

“Show him in, of course.”

“Bring him here, to this separate gathering?”

Narcamemnus is ushered in and offered refreshments, which he readily accepts and quickly imbibes. “Hail and well met Taurinius, champion of Heironeous and son of Gran March!”

“Greetings my good friend, good to see you again ....”

He bows respectfully to the other guests, addressing each properly by their rank and tiles then turns his attention again to Tauronous. “My arrival here on this fine night is not entirely coincidental ... I bring news”

Taurinius smiles.

“I have learnt of Taurinius' return through my network of associates ... and these associates have uncovered a fragment of a “prophecy” that he has been given by the Watchers of the Coming Sunset. He informs Taurinius that astrologers have observed a distant star alignment in the night sky that they say predict “great struggle” ... the prophecy fragment itself reads “The seed of the Darkest One will thrive on Oerth ...the Hollow Man must give his life ...” and is marked with a symbol. That symbol, coincidentally, closely matches with the observed star alignment.

The symbol, curiously, translates to a standard Oerth glyph that means “pursuit”.

“I felt it was important to bring this to you.”

Narcamemnus remarks “I see your daughter, Angelika, has grown very quickly. She is very advanced for her young age. How old is she ... six months ... walking and talking ... that is amazing. Very similar to the children that Galla had sought to influence only I note she does not appear to display any of their genetic traits. She looks very much like your beautiful wife, Angelia. You are very lucky and very blessed. You must be a proud father.”

Taurinius looks at the others ... and then tells Narcamemnus what he has told the others. “we have been speaking on matters here this evening that you might find intriguing.”

“Intrigue away,” he says.

The others nod approvingly.

“When I heard you were here, my immediate thought was 'not another coincidence because this day has been a day of coincidences. I recently received a threat in a letter, accompanied by a black rose -" Taurinius starts.

Narcamemnus recoginises ithe symbolism and says “A Death Mark?”


“My apologies – please continue ...”

“At the moment two groups are suspected. Both are being investigated separately – the Scarlet Brotherhood and the Bringers of the Coming Apocalypse. His Most High Eminence, Dante is looking at the brotherhood while Gnaeus is looking at the bringers. You are correct in that Angelika is advancing in her age and maturity. My wife said she was pregnant with her for half the time that is normal. To explain the next coincidence I want to take you to a place that my wife had constructed in remembrance to myself after my apparent passing.” He escorts the men to it and shows the tapestry of the shrine of Lendor in the Sea of Dust. My daughter told me today that she remembers that place ..."

“Out of the mouth of babes ...” he exclaims.

“She also remembers the companions of Taur and Angel by name and that Osiron was a very nice man.”

“That's curious,” he suggests.

“There is obviously some link between Angelika and Lendor, perhaps, that's what Gnaeus is thinking that may be resultant from my going back in time. My wife is with child again and she says this child too is advanced.”

“Then I wonder what this child will remember ... just kidding,” he says.

“I admit it has been a slight struggle. I expected a baby to be a bay – she has grown up fast. It is certainly delightlful but disconcerting. I always had an idea of what a baby should be. I think that she has been denied her childhood and is advancing too quickly.”

“That might be the case but surely the gods wouldn't make it happen without a good purpose.”

“I agree. But a father is sureky allowed to have these concerns. This is all rather new to me. Is this star alignment new or is it regular?”

“Totally brand new. The Stargazers have never seen iut before. They told me about it and I put two and two together when I got this prophecy fragment from my other associates. You know them already, they are the Watchers of the Coming Sunset. They're the good guys. The ones who want to stop the bad things happening.”

“When did the alignment first appear.”

“One week ago.”

“Perhaps we should ajourn and join the ladies ...”

“The only other thing I can possibly add is that the Stargazers told me that alignment can be traced to the outer planes ... I know some folks who know some other folks that might be able to get us to an outer planes location. You'd be amazed what is out there; there are big cities and stuff. I spend a lot of my time travelling out there these days. “

“Would you know what plane it is associated with?”

“Not me, but my associates may have the answer.”

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