Episode 1.04 The Hunter & the prey

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Episode 1.04 The Hunter & the prey

Post  vampyre on Tue Mar 02, 2010 1:59 am

Back at University, starting the next semester Gabriel notices erratic behavour among some students from the Kappa Phi fraternity, over the first 2 days. Scenes in class, at the student campus area of sudden flashes of rage and almost beserk behavour from them, seemingly out of control for but a few seconds. The fraternity is known as the Temple, continuing the ideals of the mother chapter house at Yale, The Skull and Bones society. The fraternity is home to the sons of the Hierarch families among other rich and influential in New Providence society. Gabriel notes the sons of the Hierarch families are not "afflicted" but others, and that these sons watch on...like it was a test.

Informing Professor McDowell, the professor says that this could be the work of any number of supernatural creatures and advises Gabriel to observe suggesting that Jacob and Tanya help out. "The more eyes the better. I have noticed that the university faculty have done nothing about these incidents...you have reported 15 to date Gabriel. It seems they and the students that are the target of these strange sudden changes in behavour seemingly and conveniently forget the incident, even those who watch on by your accounts, just dismiss it. Someone or something is playing on their minds...this is something Jennfer may have to deal with...but let's get her something to work on."

That night, Jennifer visits St Catherines Church on the SE shore of Arcadia Isle, one of 3 churches who provide religious services to the students and faculty. Here she has heard, the Blood Fangs usually gather for gothic parties among the headstones and graves of the dead...


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1.04 interlude

Post  vampyre on Tue Mar 02, 2010 2:22 am

"I never knew he was your grandfather." Gabriel says apologetically.
"Don't worry...never met him." Ryan replies.

They both look at the boxes and crates they had managed to retrieve from beneath Rylinor House. It had been quite an operation to get them out...but first Gabriel had to find a location to house them and thanks to his family's accountant, this house in Bethany suited perfectly, a two story old style colonial house with a number of basement chambers that were built in the past for whatever reason. Once brought a week ago, he and Ryan had worked to secure the house, called Elysium with all manners of security alarms and devices. "These books are rightfully yours." Gabriel says.
"Yes...but what am I going to do with them...I am not interested in this sort of stuff. You are, and these are yours to use as you see fit." One part of the underground room had empty shelving in place, more shelving on the opposite wall as well. Ryan had set up a computer system on a table for his friend...sensing that something was on Gabriel's mind.

"You know Jacob and Tanya?" Gabriel asks
Ryan nods. "Yeah attend a couple of classes with them...good people. And there are so few like them you can trust."
"Yes I agree...look umm, the 3 of us are helping a friend of ours, it is hard to say what this is about but we may need you in the future."
"Ah...just like the favour you asked on Paul Gantt."
"Yes, that is part of it Ryan." Gabriel replies. "He has something of your grandfather's that is important that we get back."
Ryan is surprised by that. "If he took it...so you want to get it back...no wonder you are asking about his schedule. He is going away for 2 weeks next month, to BAMA...I will help you there."
Gabriel nods appreciately. "You have helped me in the past trying to find out about the Hierarch but now, something more important is unveiling my friend. Would you be prepared to help a friend unveil that which is more beyond our comprehension. I think you know what I mean."

"In what fashion is this friend of yours operating?"
"Umm..a vigilante for want of a better term." Gabriel replies, not wishing to tell him the truth just yet.
"Oh...I like that. Look...there are things I have picked up...you know monitored that scare the shit out of me. If that is what you are looking at...then count me in. I have enough sleepless nights thinking about what the fuck is going on sometimes. There is some unit out there doing some crazy shit...look we keep this to ourselves right?"
"I would like to, but I think the person that I am helping would like to know who is backing them...discretely."
"OK...but we do this my way. I have enough problems trying to keep Delta Strike away from me."
"Are they close to you."
"As close as...what is the place...oh yes Samoa is to here." Ryan replied smiling. "They won't find me and while they have SpectreNet...and the Hunter blog, I am getting some rather interesting info though it is damn hard to decrypt the messages. Oh speaking of which, earlier today I decrypted a message...they were using an old styled amalgram and it said that a hunter has been given a target in AU...very specific...don't know who as that I think was forwarded seperately...but the mission they codenamed it, was "Slayer""
"Slayer!!!!!" Gabriel exclaims surprised.
"Ah you know this term?" Ryan presses. "What is going on...what is this Slayer?"
"Umm, the vigilante I spoke of. I wish I could say more...please trust me on this, this person is important...very important to all of us."


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Episode 4 act 1

Post  vampyre on Mon May 03, 2010 5:42 am

Chapter 1.04: the Hunter & the prey, Act 1

Gabriel had called Jennifer and told her about the “Slayer” message…a hunter, what was that…another problem no doubt. The Blood Fangs were out, enjoying a few beers and listening to loud gothic music beneath the eaves of a tall cedar tree in the graveyard. They seemed to be celebrating something and Jennifer was nearby in cover listening in. “In praise of life…and that which lies beyond.” One of the girls in the group was shouting gleefully. “Nicola is well pleased with us this night. It is done…and she has recovered.” “Nicola!!!!” Jennifer heard exclaimed not far from her. Was there someone else listening. Moving quietly between the trees and headstones she saw 2 others watching on and heard a dog whining, behind a large headstone with a angelic statue on top. “Quiet Scooby.” A guy said patting the dog.
“Do you see her anywhere. The professor said she would be around here somewhere.”
“No.” a female said looking around.

The dog…the voices, they were familiar. Jacob and Tanya!!!!

Jennifer is wearing black stretch jeans, a short black denim jacket over a pastel green top.

She circles around between the trees and headstones to get closer to the two voices. She moves silently behind them and then about 5' away says “can you two keep the sound down, I could hear you both a mile away!”

They both look around surprised and Jacob covers his mouth, the dog looks around, comes over and whines, Tanya looks at Jenifer and sighs with relief that its her and not something else. Jacob motions Jennifer over.

She joins them and says “So, hi there, like I haven't seen you for a while – why are you here?”

Jacob says “We're here to help you.”

“Ok ... with what?” Jennifer says. “There are the creepy types over there getting down with the spooky stuff. But they seem harmless. If only they knew what they'd be messing with if they had some real power ...”

Jacob says “they mentioned Nichola, so they must know something.”

Jennifer looks at Jacob and simply says “Nichola is dead. And I mean dead. She made sure by killing herself.”

Jacob says “didn't you hear her? The girl says she's recovered.”

“That wouldn't be possible, surely.” Jennifer tells him.

“Gabriel says she was using a nightclub to feed off people. Not like a vampire with blood and stuff but feeding off emotional high, that sort of thing. Tanya was affected and we broke her influence with a vigil, as Gabriel called it.”

“Hang on ... something doesn't add up. We are talking about the Nichola I encountered at Seaport, aren't we? How can she be using a nightclub here to feed off people?”

“No ...” Jacob says. “I don't know what you're talking about. Nichola was in the Isis club (a gothic club in town, near the campus area)”

“Ok then. Who is Nichola – is she a student?” (Tanya is not saying much and Jennifer notices she is quite afraid at the mention of Nichola's name).

Jacob says “Nichola was like the ultimate goth and she'd send out TXT-bombs, organising gothic parties at the Isis club. Tanya started ... sorry love, gotta say this ... Tanya got involved. She would disappear at nights and go into the club. She began looking the look -”
Tanya interrupts at this point “- I don't remember.”

“- she got the goth look,” Jacob continues, “and then a TXT-bomb was sent out for a big party and she wanted to go. I didn't wan her to go and we had an argument. I managed to stop her, thanks to Gabriel. He put her to sleep and gave her something the professor had givven him because we had asked the professor for help, realising something was not right. That night we had the vigil and Gabriel said that Nichola might be a succubus, or something.”

Tanya says, almost in a trance, “and the Isis burnt down.”

“Yeah babe, the Isis burnt down. Good thing too.” Jacob says.

“So what have the authorities done about the fire?” Jennifer asks. “did they consider it suspicious?”

Jacob says “look you might want to talk to Gabriel about that, but he told me that the professor went into the basement area the following night to find Nichola's lair. He found it and it had been emptied of any items there. So we thought then that she'd escaped.”

“Right, so these kids here are telling each other that Nichola is alright. If that's the case then I wonder where she is hiding out. Is she dangerous?”

“I don't know, Jennifer, I don't know. Gabriel seems to know what she was and the professor does to. Perhaps they can help.” Jacob says.

Tanya speaks again with a trance-like expression. “the blood fangs have a temple. One Slash Two Slash Three Slash Oak n Hollow.” then she blinks and notices Jennifer, snapping out of it. “Oh hello Jennifer, how are you, we've been looking for you?”

“Jacob (concerned) says “Honey you've been talking to her for the last few minutes.”

With relief, Tanya says “Oh yes, of course, we're here to help you, she says.”

A hundred yards away a figure watches the Blood Fangs. Dressed in black army fatigues, holding a spear gun, HK97 …. Strapped over his shoulders, two Glock 9mm strapped to his thighs and utility belt with a number of full pouches. His face was covered by a balaclava. “Hunter 18 on site. Target is close.”
“Ignore the vampire…concentrate on prime target.”


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Chapter 1.04 act 2

Post  vampyre on Mon May 03, 2010 5:46 am

Chapter 1.04: the Hunter & the prey, Act 2

Jennifer looks up at the ongoing party…hearing bottles of beer smashing against headstones. Among those gathered, about 20 in number the slayer spots a man, seemingly distant in expression wearing faded black jeans and jacket with metal studs in a shape of a skull on the front. He had the look…the feel and if she was close enough the smell of death. A blood sucking vampire.

The vampire is unaware that Jennifer is there watching. At that moment her cellphone rings (vibrate mode only) and she answers.
“Hello?” she says quietly.

“Gabriel here – got some news for you. On't answer, just listen. There is a hunter in your location. Hunter 18. He has spotted a vampire but has been ordered to keep the target in sight. He must have you in his sights. Ryan has just decrypted the message. Oh by the way, Ryan wants us to use different cellphones once this is over.”

“Ummm ... great, thanks for the heads up, I'll stay alert. See ya.”

She disconnects and puts the phone away. She looks around for anything that might be suspicious or out of place. PERCEPTION+NOTICE 15 ... Nothing.

“That was Gabriel,” she tells Jacob and Tanya. “We have to be quiet and on guard. There is something or someone else out here looking for me. And, oh, by the way, there is a vampire down there with those kids so we'd better not let it become aware that we're watching either.”
Jacob whispers “the professor said you migh say things like that. Somehow the scary thing is I believe you.” The dog, scooby, whines.

“Good – this could get serious, so stay alert. I don't know what this other thing is ... all I know is it's called a hunter. So you stay quiet and I'll look around to see if I can find it, maybe flush it out.”

She leaves them waiting and circles around clockwise, using the sound of the party to mask her movement. PERCEPTION+NOTICE 8, 15.

Jennifer is passing beneath a tree (it's a still night) and she hears a branch crack above her. She freezes and looks up quietly. PERCEPTION+NOTICE 12. She hears a quiet voice say “Lost prime target. Investigating.”

Someone drops to the ground about 10' in front of her and turns ... black army fatigues with a speargun. HK97 ... etc. He begins looking around and is startled to see Jennifer.

“Hi there, trick or treat, it's a little out of season for halloween don't you think?” Jennifer says as she moves close and jump kicks him for 24 points damage. She is not trying to kill him, but rather incapacitate. He falls to the ground and the spear gun rolls away from him. He is reaching for his two pistols. She attempts to disarm (17) and succeeds by kicking his arms as he draws the weapon and they get thrown away from him. She disarms again as he brings the other out and strikes his wrist, resulting in the weapon flying from his hand. She is now straddled over him, legs either side of his torso, standing over him. She can see a thin earpiece attached to his balaclava and grabs it. KNOWLEDGE 11 – she decides it might be good to keep this piece of equipment. “Who are you?” she says.

He raises his legs up and kicks from behind. He connects, doing 12 points but fails to knock her over. “Not nice,” she says. “play fair.” She attempts to knock him out by bashing him doing 10 points and he is undeterred. She strikes twice more doing a further 18 points of damage to try and subdue him.

He forms a fist and spikes emerge from it as he tries to punch into her. She fails to parry and he strikes, doing 4 points to her stomach. She winces but continues to try subduing him. Her cellphone is vibrating again ... she wants to finish it quickly so punches three times to the head. 16,15,14 ... first one blocked ... but 18 and 17 points still sustained by the hunter in subsequent blows. He collapsed.

Jennifer reaches down and pulls the balaclava away to see what she is facing. A blond haired, blue eyed man. She is surprised. He looks ... scandinavian ... which is weird because there are no swedish students at the colege!

The cellphone is vibrating and she answers it. It's Gabriel.

He says “you are still being watched. No 18 has seen you. He saw you attacking his protege and then communication was lost.”
“Great thanks for the tip, I'd better go.” She quickly searches the fallen blond soldier and throws his weapons away into surrounding trees, etc. There is no ID, radios, or anything else other than some military rations and survival equipment. The pouches contain sealed plastic military designated equipment from 'BAMA'. Mostly medical.

She retreats to the edge of the cemetery and looks around for further signs of activity. PERCEPTION+NOTICE 11,11 - as he reaches the edge of the cemetery she hears a swishing sound and something impacts into a gravestone beside her and explodes (18) releasing a sulphurous smell.


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chapter 1.04 act 3

Post  vampyre on Wed Aug 25, 2010 9:46 pm

Chapter 1.04: the Hunter & the prey, Act 3

“Hunter 18 report.”
“Prey is close. Apprentice failed…unsuitable and request termination.”
‘Termination activated.”

As the sulphur envelops around the target who is choking and diving for cover he takes aim with the spear gun and fires. It strikes the trunk of a tree where he thinks the prey is concealed behind. He can hear coughing and rasping for breath as the sulphur cloud dissipates. He waits.

The Slayer has dived for the only cover that she can see as her eyes become blurred and stinging with pain and they begin to water. Behind a tree she can hardly see and the fumes are acrid and burning her mouth and throat.

Jennifer rubs her eyes and places her arm over her mouth, seeking to get away from the freaky soldier. She moves from behind the tree into a deeper row of shrubs and trees that line along the grave stones.

Something thuds beside her arm as she is about to move forward, while she is scrambling. It is a spear, now stuck in the ground. She dive rolls to evade further shots and continues scrambling into the line of bushes. She breaks through into another area of open ground. Her vision is still blurred from the fumes. She continues for a few more metres and ducks behind a larger headstone.

Another spear hits the side of the headstone as she scrambles around it. It would have hit her if the headstone wasn't there. She rubs her eyes again and stays low, listening for sounds of movement. She doesn't want the soldier to outflank her.

... Interlude: PERCEPTION+NOTICE = 8. Can't hear much of anything. The air is quite still.

Jennifer dive rolls to the next largest headstone for cover. As she does so, another spear impacts the ground a couple of inches from her last position and she ducks down again. The angle of the spear indicates that it was possibly fired from one of the trees. She wonders if there are more than one of these soldiers stalking her. At least one attacker seems to be concealed in a tree from where she has come.

“Hunter 18 moving. Target out of sight.”
“Retrieval team in position and apprentice terminated.”
“Understood…be aware secondary target 70 yards from my position.”
“Secondary target covered.”
Hunter 18 jumps from one tree to another and scrambles nimbly over the branches and looks out over another row of gravestones and where his arrow impacted.

Casting all abandon aside, believing she might possibly be outnumbered by enemies an advantage against her, she runs down the line of headstones seeking the nearest exit point from the cemetery.

As she runs she can hear the sounds of a barking dog and she continues until she makes it to the Saint Magdalene building, which is shaped like a gothic cathedral. This is where the professor has his library. Reaching it, she gasps for breath and goes inside the main entrance, seeking sanctuary from her relentless pursuers.

She goes through an antechamber and passes through an archway to enter the administration, catalogue and reception area. Three staff work here, attending to the students that have come to study. There are doors to the right and the end of the circular room. They lead to library galleries. Stairs lead up to one of four balcony levels, all of which have galleries that span out across the library.

She goes to the reception and enquires about the whereabouts of the professor. “Is he here?” she asks calmly. The receptionist looks up and asks “Which one?”

“Professor McDowall.”

“Oh yes, he is in his office. Do you know where that is?” she asks archly.

PERCEPTION+NOTICE=14. Jennifer hasn't noticed this receptionist here before.

“Yes, I do thanks. “ Jennifer moves on to see him on the second floor. There is a corridor between isles of shelves and a door at the end of that leads to his office. She opens the door quickly and goes inside, unannounced and probably unexpected.

The professor is sitting before his desk, reading book with his glasses. He looks up and removes his glasses. “Ahhh ... Jennifer. To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“Ummmm ... I'm being chased by some super freaky blonde haired soldier. I got hit by some kind of fumy grenade thing and need a place to hide out and recover. Oh, sorry for barging in on your book reading. Anything interesting?” She sits down on a nearby chair at the side of the room.

“Ahhh ...excuse me? A what?”

She looks at him like he's possibly slightly retarded and says “I'm getting away from some soldiers who are like all dressed up in black uniforms and chasing me with spearguns. I knocked one down after a pretty tough fight and saw that his equipment was marked with something like 'BAMA' – maybe that's his unit, or something -”

“- No.” The professor says. “BAMA means Boston Atlantic Metropolitan Axis. It is a large city that spans the east coast of the United States. Sit down. Would you like something to eat? You're safe here.“

“Huh? Ummm .. yeah, sure. That would be great.” Jennifer rests briefly and regathers her thoughts and then asks “so why would these BAMA guys be here, hunting me? That's what it was like. I felt hunted.”

The professor looks at her and says “Five years ago, following your experience, I heard word from a fellow watcher that the United States, backed by private interests, had founded a group to confront and deal with supernatural threats. I was under the impression that these threats were increasing in frequency throughout the United States. The group is loosely based and they refer to themselves as 'hunters'. They are mostly ex-military and either target a kill for bounty or are hired to target a kill, once again for bounty. Tonight is the first encounter of this group in Arcadia and I think they may have been activated based on your existence as a Slayer.”

“So what is their problem with Slayers?” Jennifer asks. “Aren't we the good guys?”

“Of course we are,” the professor agrees. “But either they or whoever has hired them deems you supernatural and therefore a threat.”

“But that's unfair! Why don't they do some better research and get the facts straight? How could I be a threat, when I am still only getting to grips with learning more about myself and how to beat the bad guys?”

“Would it not be better to target the Slayer when it is just starting out, rather than a Slayer who has gained experience?”

“Yeah ... I see the point of that. But, why try to take down a potential ally just because someone has told them to? That doesn't make sense. Who would hire them? Has to be someone pretty influential. Has to be someone from Arcadia. Someone who is aware of me. Who would know?”

“Would it not – for one who feels threatened by you – to use such resources if he has them to use? In other words, perhaps those who have hired them are the very ones that are directly threatened by the existence of a Slayer.”
“OK then – let's draw up a list of all the rich influential vampires that we know.”

“It's not that easy, Jennifer.”

She pouts.

“We just don't know the identities of rich influential vampire leaders. What I can tell you is that about two weeks ago a ship docked and that a number of coffins were removed and placed into sealed vehicles. They were escorted out by humvees. Witherspoon was watching this and he said that there were 36 of these coffins. That means at least 36 vampires have arrived in Arcadia.”

“Then that can't be good. There was a vampire in the cemetery and I was talking to Jacob and Tanya before I moved away to patrol and then when I was first attacked.”

“Who? Tanya and Jacob? Where are they now?”

She looks at him and says “I guess they are still there. There's a bunch of other kids that they are watching, they call themselves the 'Blood Fangs' and the vampire was with them. That's what got my interest in the first place before all hell broke loose.”

“Don't you think you should go back and help them?”

“But they weren't in any trouble. I got into that when I left them. The soldiers were after me ... oh wait a minute. They had a dog and I did hear a dog barking when I was running away. Hmmm ... maybe they tried to follow me. ” She looks at the professor. “You're right, they might have walked into trouble so I'd better go back. But won't I be in danger if these soldiers are so tough and looking for me? It was pretty hard to get just one of them on the ground.”

“Life for you is all about risk.” The professor says. “Shall we go?”

“Sure ... when you put that way, why not?”

They both leave the office and head out of the building. There are a few students moving in and out. Looking back, Jennifer sees that the building is a bit gloomy and not that well lit. It's on the edge of the entertainment district.


Jennifer leads the professor towards the graveyard area and it is surrounded by a tall hedge. They go through the gate she exited out of earlier and go back to where the attack took place. The headstone is chipped from the earlier altercation but the spear is no longer there. Same with the other spear impacts. The evidence has been removed from the scene.

“I don't get it,” she tells the professor. ” Those guys have cleaned up after themselves. Shame about the headstone damage though – that's still there.” PERCEPTION+NOTICE=10. There is a slight whining sound coming from the bushes. It is possibly an animal ... she investigates to see what animal it is, guessing it might be the dog, Scooby.

She parts the bushes and it is Scooby. He is lying there with a spear in his leg, pinning him to the ground. He turns his head to her and whines. “Oh dear ...” the professor says. “Best try and remove it, the poor thing. I know a friend who can help us, a vet.”

Jennifer moves to pull the spear free and she grabs a strip of her clothing to tie around the wound. She consoles the wounded dog and carries him. The professor takes the spear. As they leave, there is movement in the bushes and Jacob appears, along with Tanya.

“What, Scooby, what happened?” Jacob says.

“Oh hi guys,” Jennifer says. “It looks like some soldier types got trigger happy with a speargun and poor little Scooby got hit by one of them. They tried to get me.”

“Oh Scoob ... “ Jacob says.

The professor says “Take him to the Virgo fountain and meet me there. I will fetch my car.”
Jacob asks to take Scooby and the professor leaves. Jennifer hands him over.

PERCEPTION+NOTICE=17. Tanya shivers and says “I get the feeling we are being watched.”
Jennifer gets the same feeling. Jacob says “Huh, by what?” and looks around.

“We'd better go,” Jennifer says. “I want to get you guys and Scoob safely out of here. I'm beginning to think that they've hurt poor Scoob as bait. You go first and I'll follow. I've got your backs covered.”

Jacob says “What, me, us ... go forward?”
Tanya says “Come on you, let's go.” She takes Jacob by the arm.

“Target escaped…compromised by civilians. Awaiting orders.”
“Target seen entering the Magdalene building.”
“Confirmed will need new apparel.”
“It will be available. 135 yards at 345.”


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chapter 1.04 act 4

Post  vampyre on Wed Aug 25, 2010 9:49 pm

Chapter 1.04: the Hunter & the prey, Act 4

The professor had left to fetch his car and rendevouz with the others outside the Magdalene. Jennifer follow Jacob who is holding Scooby mumbling “Ohh Scoob!!!”, Tanya with him looking around anxiously. The night air is still and they are following a line of grave stones, with hedgerows and trees on either side, dividing further avenues of gravestones beyond. They move with haste and ahead they could see the dimly lit massive and imposing Magdalene building.

“Contact…terminating target now!!!”

Jennifer hears rustling in the foliage of the tree behind her and the creaking of a branch. She turns and looks up and sees her foe dropping towards her, holding a metallic tube in one hand and as he descends the tube clicks open and new lengths extend outwards clicking into place, to the size matching his height.

Jennifer dodges and draws her witch blades to meet the attacker. He lands in front of her and is swinging what has become a staff towards her. He misses and she responds by slashing with one blade and stabbing with the other. He parries the slashing manouvre but connects with the stab. She sees he is armoured.

The soldier is twirling the staff and Jennifer attacks twice again, then prepares to dodge his attack. He parries her first and second attempts to hit him. He then tries to strike her in the back of the head with his spinning blow. He misses her head but strikes her shoulder. (20 points less armour). Then he tries to reverse the staff and hits her in the shoulder again.

Angered by this, she moves to disarm him with her first attack and then attempts to strike him through the heart, while readying a dodge as her third action. He is not disarmed and following through hits ... she feels the witch blade resistant against armour, but it does penetrate. He collapses and falls back to the ground with blood seeping from the wound. He gasps and is dead.

“Let's get out of here,” Jennifer says. “Where there is one there are likely to be others. But I'm going to take that staff because it looks pretty cool.” There are red and black buttons on it – red and black. Pressing them she learns that the black one retracts the staff to a one foot length and makes it more portable.

Jennifer and the others hurry to the Magdalene where the Professor’s old station wagon is park beside the graveyard entrance. Jacob climbs in the back with Scooby and Tanya and Jennifer climb in the front with the Professor.
“All good…everyone ok?” The professor asks anxiously.
“Yeah I am fine thanks. Just glad you got that guy.”
“Right…I will deal with him later…can’t leave him to be found by campus security.”
“Huh…as if they will find him…his buddies will clear him away pretty quick.”
“Yes of course…there will be a back up team…but now we are in the open, they will not do anything.”
He drives through the campus and across the causeway to the city where a few minutes later just before a luscious park area he pulls into a driveway of a small apt complex. “We are here…Scooby will be safe.” He says.

Jennifer hops out and looks around. They are close to the Old Town and she could smell the exotic Asian cuisine cooking in the night from nearby restaurants. Old City…home of vice and sin.


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Re: Episode 1.04 The Hunter & the prey

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