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Wulfram meets with the locals and trains them while he waits for the Aranbergh's to return from patrol.
His tuition culminates in a one-on-one duel with wooden blades against Jurgen Aranbergh, whose arrogant behaviour warrants it.

In attempting subdual, Wulfram succeeds though Jurgen does not pull his sword strikes. The duel in ends in near fatailty when Wulfram returns the favour and Jurgen lies incapacitated on the ground.

From his vantage point at the manor, Lord Crosstenmarch responds after seeing Wulfram's attempt to lay on hands fails to revive the boy. Viktor enters the village while everybody looks on and prays loudly before making the sign of a cross on Jurgen's chest and then placing his hands upon the boy's shoulders.

Jurgen's ragged breathing strengthens and his eyes open. He appears shaken, but is uninjured and alive.

"The people can fight, Wulfram, even if they are not fully ready. I know you wish they are stronger, but they are strong enough. Train them if you feel you must but only train them if they are willing. I think we have all learnt a lesson this day," Viktor tells Wulfram.

Then a cry is heard and a flapping of small wings as a falcon lands on Heiner's outstretched arm. The boy looks at the bird for a few fleeting moments, then it flies away.

"Something has happened across the lake," Heiner announces. "My father and eldest brother are in trouble."

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