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Power Groups

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Mainstream Groups

Temple of Heironeous (Heirons,

Promote good through use of armed force; justice,
chivalry, valor and honour.

* Clergy
* Militant Arm
o Paladins
o Cavaliers
o Consecrated Harriers
o Devoted Defenders
o Inquisitors
o Order of the Chalice (demon hunters)
o Sacred Exorcist

Temple of Pholtus
(Pholtines, LN)

Vanquish chaos and follow the One True Way. Fanatacism is praised.

* Clergy
* Militant arm

o Paladins
o Consecrated Harriers
o Templars

Solarium of Pelor (Pelorites, NG)

Protect and care for good people everywhere. Defeat
undead wherever possible.

* Clergy
* Militant arm
o Paladins
o Hospitalers
o Hunters of the Dead
o Order of the Chalice (demon

Temple of Saint Cuthbert (Cudgels,

Retribution; revenge and punishment for those who
transgress the law

* Clergy
* Militant arm
o Paladins
o Consecrated Harriers
o Warmaster
o Warpriests
o Weaponmaster

Woodland Grove and Shrine of Ehlonna (NG)

Nature, tranquility. Peace and meditation. Patience
and Healing.

* Clergy
* Contemplatives
* Divine Oracle
* Hospitalers

Knights of the Watch (Watchers,

* Monastic, traditional. Adheres to the Twelve and
the Seven.

Knights of the Dispatch (Dispatch,

* Splinter group of the Watchers, non-traditional.
Interprets the Twelve and the Seven.

Mouqollad Consortium (N)

Traders and merchants.

* Rogues
* Bards
o Boot and Trail League
o Talespinners' League
o Watchers for the Coming Sunset

Entertainer's Guild

* Bards, performance artists

Council of Blades (N)

* War negotiators

House of Death

* Public funeral house. Gathers knowledge of

The Syrloch (Commandantís College of Applied Martial Arcane

* Arcane Order
* Beastchasers
* League of Diviners
* Spellswords
* Wayfarers' Union

Secondary Groups

* Farlanghan (N, Roads)
* Rao (LG, Peace)
* Jascar (LG, Hills)
* Kord (CG, Strength)

[size=12]Tolerated Groups

* Boccob (N, Magic)Istus (N, Fate)
* Wee Jas (LN, Death and Magic)
* Xerbo (N, Business)
* Zilchus (LN, Business)

Hunted and Ostracised

Olidammara (CN)

* Temple Raiders

Hextor (LE, Tyranny)

* Fists (mercenaries)
* Assassins
* Blackguard
* Consecrated Harriers (hunters)
* Master of Shrouds (undead masters)

Hidden / Concealed

* Heralds of Tharizdun (suspected)
* There may be others, yet to be discovered, as your
faith is threatened everywhere .

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