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The labourers quickly bring the boxes onboard the Zephyr Breeze and the crew ensure they are secured safely in the aft hold. Once the hard work is completed, the Chief Archeologist invites everyone aboard to the camp site for light refreshments.

Aidan is dressed as a crew member and he sees the others are removing the dragon scale masks.

Aidan complies and imitates the actions of the others.

As the crew disembarks, Ahlissa draws close to Aidan and says “We are known here so our identities can be revealed freely. I think that what you see and hear these people describe will be very interesting.”

“How long have they been here?” Aidan asks her.

“About twenty months.” she informs him.

Aidan nods with interest and then follows her with the crew.

The Chief Archeologist (Khem-dhor, 21st level Archeologist/Wizard) leads them to a large collection of mauve coloured tents that have been set up and sheltered within a wide ravine. “Friends, you are welcome and I must thank you again Lady Ahlissa, for being so kind as to assist us with transporting our discoveries back to Gideon.”

“It is my pleasure,” Ahlissa replies. “Your research is highly regarded by the Seeker and the Gatherer.”

“Yes … fortunately this site was not disturbed when Mabar fell upon our desert and destroyed Zanarkand. We have found much of interest and are learning more about its origins all the time. Admittedly, this place is very unusual. As you know, it has not been fully disclosed to the public.”

“That is correct,” Ahlissa confirms. “That is how the Thirteen wish this discovery to remain.”

“Indeed … well then, here is to our continued success and discovery! To good health and knowledge!”

The Chief Archeologist raises a glass to toast everyone that has gathered and everyone drinks on cue. It is a light fruit flavoured refreshment, very sweet that leaves a slight tingling sensation on the tongue. (yellow coloured liquid).

The archeologists and crew mingle and Aidan feels slightly lost amongst the conversation. It is apparent that the Zephyr Breeze and its crew are well known here and have visited on many occasions.

Tanith sees that Aidan is looking a bit out of place and joins his side. “Hey,” she greets him. “This is all quite new to you, isn't it? You've been isolated for a long time … but don't be afraid,” she reassures him. “This is a place where we are welcome, it is a place that we brought the first expedition from Cordovar College to investigate an anomaly that had been detected in the sands. We also evacuated them all when the darkness came. It is only recently that they have returned to resume exploring the ravine and the unusual evidence they originally uncovered. As I understand it, this place contains a massive metal vessel buried within the rock escarpment and beneath the sands. Something much larger and more advanced than the Zephyr Breeze. That said, Ahlissa thinks it is important … she has said it might be further evidence of the progenitors. Are you familiar with that term?”

“Yes, I've heard of them. So the exposed black metal must be the ship?”

“That's correct. It is a very large structure that has only been partially explored. The Progenitors are believed to be like elves, only they came to this world in ancient times. The only other direct evidence we have sighted of this was Deck Nine. Unfortunately that was destroyed by Izendraazt's arrival, though we know it played a part in defending Eberron from a far greater disaster. We do believe there are other related sites scattered across Eberron.”

Aidan thinks for a few moments before replying “I have been to a site where I believe the progenitors did exist. I've told Ahlissa what I found there but the name of their race may be known as Le Shay.”

“That is most intriguing, I may try to reference that term when we visit other cities in their libraries. Especially our original homeland, Aerenal, as we do go there from time to time. The libraries there are ancient and the oldest libraries are presided over by the Deathless Ones, our ancestors. Although some collections will always remain private for a variety of reasons.”

“This particular group was around during the Age of Fiends. And, yes, they left a connection to Aerenal.”

“That is truly fascinating!” Tanith exclaims. She looks sincere when we says this. “I must confess that I am a closet history buff, though I have never undertaken any formal studies at any of Khorvaires colleges or universities. Sometimes I regret that. ” She grabs another drink and downs it and then says “Well, have fun, I'm going to keep mingling with the crowd.”

After an hour of relaxation, Ahlissa thanks the Chief Archeologist for the hospitality and gathers her crew back on board the Zephyr Breeze. Preparations are made to get underway and it is not long before the airship is skimming across the sand dunes at a low level and high speed.

On the bridge, Ahlissa is relaxed and monitors progress as they travel.

After perhaps half an hour, she acknowledges Aidan. “I gather that you found Site 41 intriguing?”

“Yes I did.”

“Yes, it is a special place. I continue my involvement with it because I was one of the first to be entrusted with its true nature after I took the original expedition to it. I was rather fond of their leader, Kalnar Cordovar, and it is to remember him that I keep coming back.”

“It is the honourable thing to do,” Aidan says.

“Yes He met an unfortunate end when he entered the artifact against advice. A trap killed him, he was disintegrated instantly when he entered inside.”

“The Seeker and the Gatherer believe that the secrets of Site 41 will offer benefits to Gideon that can give it greater protection. As you know, the Thirteen are very proficient with magic. They have become aware that the Progenitors used something different but something equally powerful, if not more so, which they attempt to use to augment their own magic. It is an interesting blend of power and capability that they strive for. Some evidence that it works is proven – the defence of Gideon against Izendraazt's advance was one example. Though the Wasteland Druid's intervention with his Sentinels may have also had a major part to play in that.”

Aidan assists the crew where he can as the airship travels.

The Zephyr Breeze tracks north across the sands, and Aidan does see many ruined sites below. Eventually, as dusk falls, the airship enters a landscape filled with arid grasslands and low hills.

A crew member informs Ahlissa that they have reached the edge of the border where the Blade Desert gives way to the Talenta Plains and that immediately to the west lies the Mournland. Directly ahead is Lake Cyre. Ahlissa nods and directs the crew to change course so that they circumnavigate around the eastern side of the lake. They do so, passing over a sprawling settlement that has been built into rocky outcroppings and hills. “That is Gatherhold,” Ahlissa informs Aidan. “It is a shared town, home to the nomadic tribes of Halfling that roam the Talenta Plains. They are a fierce, proud and independent people. Very tribal. They are known for their affinity with large lizards that they call dinosaurs. They believe in a spiritual bond between themselves and those beasts that give them strength and proficiency in combat. In many ways they are a simple people. Quick to anger and very distrustful of strangers.”

“So what would they make of us flying over them?”

“They know enough about us to know that we are elvish and that we carry supplies. There are occasions when we do trade with them, but it is not often. Even though they are small they are quite barbaric. Gatherhold is their largest settlement, more a gathering of tribes than something permanent. Its population fluctuates all the time. Leadership is shared as the tribal leaders take turns.”


“We are avoiding the Mournland for good reason. It is a dangerous place, an entire land that fell victim to horrific magic during the Last War. It was completely destroyed and ever since has become a vast, open grave. We once called it Cyre and, of the Five Nations, it was a jewel that shone the brightest. But the cataclysm sundered it and only the foolish ever dare go there. It is surrounded by a perpetual gray mist and is prone to violent living magical storms. Anything that did survive has been mutated. Natural and magical healing does not work in its environment. We will not go there.”

Ahlissa tells her crew to move the Zephyr Breeze to a location amongst the hills, several miles east of Gatherhold. “We will rest here this night. All hands are to remain on board and keep a watch on alert.”

The airship descends and is concealed from sight behind the hills. “It is possible that one of the tribes might have sighted us and wish to investigate. Provided they do not act with hostility towards our presence then I have no wish to interact with any of their kind,” she tells Aidan. “We do remain aware that one of the larger predatory dinosaurs might find us and that would be a problem. Suffice to say we have sufficient means to bring those beasts down without causing permanent harm. If we did then the people of these plains would never forgive us.”

Aidan contributes to the night watch. He gets a shift between midnight and 4am.

The night passes without any apparent incident.

In the morning, Ahlissa informs Aidan that this day's travel will take them into Karrnath where they will meet with Mhorvaeus. “We are ahead of schedule, which will please him,” she says. “I have never met this man before so I am a little cautious. Normally I have good information about my clients but this occasion is different. I need you to be on guard. I have instructed my crew to ensure they are armed and advise you to be the same. And, please, when we arrive stay dressed as one of us … and wear the dragon scale mask.”

“Of course,” Aidan replies. “It goes without saying.” He prepares his equipment, and ensures he has his magical longsword with him.

The day proceeds uneventfully, with the Zephyr Breeze following a course parallel to a path of lightning rail guide stones that is visible from the air. It flies fast and low, which for Aidan is very exhilarating.

The airship tracks past Vulyar, a large town and locates its intended destination, a low stone tower and walled compound in hills about two miles from the town itself. A private citadel. It lands and a dozen soldiers and an equal number of servants greet Ahlissa and her crew upon arrival.

“Welcome to Mhorvaeus' citadel, Lady Ahlissa. It is so good to see you have made a safe arrival. I am Althas, Captain of the Guard,” their commander informs her. “Lord Mhorvaeus is inside and I will escort you to him. Please, follow me.”

Ahlissa motions for Aidan and a dozen of her crew to accompany her.

“Our servants will assist with the cargo delivery,” Althas tells her and he leads their entourage through a tunnel beyond the raised portcullis and open doors.

“Thank you,” she replies. “Your lord is well today?” she enquires.

“Yes, very.”

They are escorted across a courtyard and Aidan can see several outbuildings, such as stables and storage areas. Everything seems fairly ordinary although Aidan gets the feeling they are being watched very closely.

They enter the tower and are taken through a set of double doors into a magnificent chamber, on which a well dressed man is seated upon a throne. He wears fine purple coloured robes and he looks to be middle aged with fine chiseled features. Several servants have prepared food and refreshments at tables to the side and Aidan notices that several comfortable padded seating has been provided, arranged around the tables. The man rises as they enter and greets them with his arms open wide in a friendly, welcoming gesture. As he approaches he directs them towards the comfortable seating arrangement.

“Friends, you have arrived. I trust you have had pleasant travels? I am Mhorvaeus. It is my privilege to meet you.”

“And I am Ahlissa. We have the consignment of boxes from Gideon being offloaded from our airship. The journey was without incident,” she informs him.

“Excellent! Please … enjoy my food and drink. You have travelled a long way to be here. Will you be staying overnight?”


Aidan thinks there is something unusual about Mhorvaeus. He is not what he seems. He is not human. He is hiding something. He is much older than his appearance would indicate.

“Your offer is very kind,” Ahlissa tells him. “But I do regret to say that once delivery is confirmed and our business is concluded that we will be departing immediately. I have some additional work that must be conducted."

Mhorvaeus nods. “I understand completely,” he replies. “My servants will bring payment shortly. In the meantime … tell me, how is Gideon these days? Has it recovered from the reign of terror that Izendraazt brought to the region?”

“Slowly,” she tells him. “Gideon was fortunate in that it remained unscathed. The High Magocracy and the Wasteland Druid protected it against the advancing evil in its most darkest days.”

Aidan is detecting evil. He realises that Mhorvaeus is indeed evil.

“Then we were most fortunate. Ornaments such as those you have procured on my behalf are not always easy to obtain these days. There is much beneath your city that captures my interest. It is magnificent. It is an ancient place.”

Mhorvaeus entertains his guests with a sumptuous meal, polite conversation and a stringed instrument quartet that plays old and eloquent tunes in the background.


When Mhorvaeus converses with his servants he speaka with him quietly in a corrupted tongue. However, while Aidan is in a clear position to overhear, he cannot determine the words in great detal. He overhears portions of the conversation, enough to know that the language being spoken is not common tongue.

It is the language of the dead, very uncommon and forbidden in many places. Mhorvaeus speaks it with a thick strong accent and this version is an obscure dialect which Aidan knows is rarely, if ever, referenced among text books that he has studied long ago in the Zanarkand library.

As Mhorvaeus is speaking with his servants he pauses briefly and turns to look at Aidan for a brief moment. Quite deliberately. His eyes narrow and then he turns back to his servant to continue his conversation. SENSE MOTIVE 12 Aidan realises that Mhorvaeus knows that he recognises the language that is being spoken and he knows that Mhorvaeus probably intended for Ahlissa's 'interpreter' to hear his 'private' conversation.

What was he discussing?

He told his servants to check the payment and bring it once everything was accounted for and in order, once the meal and entertainment had concluded. Mhorvaeus also instructed his people to document everything they saw on board the Zephyr Breeze during the offloading process, especially anything that could not be easily explained as magical or natural in its origin.


Aidan believes Mhorvaeus has honourable intentions with the delivery and payment but he does have another motive. Perhaps an opportunistic one, regarding the airship. He is clearly gathering information about its capability for either his own purposes, or for someone else.

Ahlissa notices Aidan's mild distraction and coughs, politely excusing herself “Forgive me,” she says. “I need a moment outside.”

“Why, of course.” Mhorvaeus smiles.


“I won't be long,” she tells him. As she stands, she motions for Aidan to join her. He follows, nodding respectfully and Mhorvaeus nods in reply, smiling.

They go outside together and stand in the courtyard, a short distance from the main entrance to the citadel tower. They are being watched by the guards who remain about 10' away.

“So ...” Ahlissa speaks softly to Aidan. “Has he kept to our deal? I noticed he was speaking in a tongue I cannot recognise.”

“He is not humna. He is evil. He will keep to your agreement and he spoke in a corrupted tongue … the language of the dead. However he had another purpose in mind. He had his people look over your ship.. Call it opportunistic – it may be for himself, or for someone else. He also knew that I understood the language.”

Ahilssa nods “I see. It makes sense that Mhorvaeus is working with other people. It is disturbing that he speaks the language of the dead – that is not very common and, indeed, outlawed across most of Khorvaire. We must tread carefully for he may have an association with the Servants of Vol.”

“... Also, we must consider that this conversation is being monitored, perhaps magically. I suggest, once we get underway, we do a search of the ship for anything out of the ordinary and check to see if anything has been touched.”

“Agreed ...” She says. “Do you understand my concern about his possible association with the Servants of Vol?”

“In knowing that Lord Khannay was probably one of them. He was the library's benefactor in Zanarkand.”

“Yes … Vol was the First Vampire. Servants of Vol protect and preserve her bloodline. Of course, it is not supposed to exist any longer, for the Church of the Silver Flame vanquished it long ago. But its followers remain, mostly in secret, plotting their new agenda to this day. It is said that Vol will rise again and one day reclaim everything taken from her, and more. Lord Khannay was a Servant of Vol and his demise offered final proof that he was indeed a vampire. We know he had ties to Karrnath but never knew who his contact was. Perhaps it was Mhorvaeus?” she suggests.

“Well … Mhorvaeus is interested in the underground of the city, so what better person to have around than Lord Khanny to do it?”

“Indeed … I will think on that. loet us go back inside before Mhorvaeus gets suspicious. Keep listening for anything else he says that might be unusual.”

“Pity I can't put my glasses of true seeing on ...”

They return to the comfortable seating. Pleasant music is playing in the background. It is an inspiring piece that is reminiscent of the valour, glory and heroism of the Last War when the Five Nations clashed.

“Lady Ahlissa, all is well I trust?” Mhorvaeus asks of her.

“Why yes, of course.” she replies.

Mhorvaeus gestures to three medium sized wooden chests. “I think you will find full payment, as agreed, is there,” he informs her. “Thirty thousand gold sovereigns.”

She thanks him. “It was my pleasure doing business with you.”

Smiling, he nods approvingly and says “Yes. You have a fine reputation for efficient delivery. I was not disappointed. Your airship is a fine vessel – it serves you well.”

“Yes,” she agrees. “The Zephyr Breeze is my livelihood. It is freedom.”

Mhorvaeus is amused and laughs. “It is also known widely for bringing swift death down upon your enemies. It outclasses every other airship in Khorvaire. Your treatment of Zanarkand's Arcane Council is most legendary.”

Aidan gets the sense he was most impressed with that action.

Ahlissa looks to her crew and motions for them to collect the payment. Mhorvaeus' servants step back, watching the crew as they do so. “I am pleased to hear that,” she remarks. “Reputations are difficult to uphold these days.”

“Was my hospitality to your liking?” he asks her.

“It has exceeded my expectations.”

“Good,” Mhorvaeus smiles again. “Then perhaps another time? I will recommend your services to my associates.”

“Very well,” she replies. “Until we next meet, this has been a fine experience.”

Mhorvaeus nods and watches as Ahlissa leads her crew back to the Zephyr Breeze.

Back on board the Zephyr Breeze and Ahlissa command to “make haste” and it lifts off and flies southwest towards the lightning rail guide stone trail.

She instructs the crew to inspect everything for anything that is out of place, missing or otherwise not right. Nothing is detected.

Aidan inspects his own room. PERCEPTION 39. Nothing is missing or out of place or new.

Ahlissa also gets the crew to check the payment in detail. They confirm it is genuine and all gold sovereigns are accounted for. Thirty thousand. She is pleased.

A general debriefing of the meeting is conducted and crew report on the observed activities of Mhorvaeus' servants around the Zephyr Breeze. Apparently nobody is surprised by the servants' activities. There is some cause for alarm when Ahlissa makes mention of the language of the dead having been spoken with at least one crew member commenting “that Mhorvaeus must be some kind of dreadful vampire and we should not deal with the likes of them.”

Ahlissa simply agrees with the statement and says “it went smoothly for us on this occasion. We had a smooth transaction and no harm came to any of us. He was a gracious and charming host.”

As the airship proceeds on its way back towards Gideon, the crew retires with the night shift remaining on watch. Aidan retires to his quarters and has a very poor night's sleep. This is because he experiences his nightmares and the burning sensation in his chest. When he awakens he looks down at his chest, looking for any outward sign of the affliction. WILL SAVING THROW 19 … there is nothing visible but his chest is pounding, his heart is beating loudly and then the burning subsides to a dull throbbing pain.

Morning arrives and Aidan sees Ahlissa on the bridge. He sees the crew are not all wearing their masks.
“Did you sleep well last night?” she enquires.

“A restless night,” he replies.

“Then perhaps some wine will help, or maybe a glass of Nightwood Ale. We took some crates of that onboard as a gift from Mhorvaeus prior to leavinbg Karrnath. A sign of his gratitude for us delivering the supplies he required … don't worry … the crates all contain Nightwood Ale … we know because the crew have already tasted some and it is very nice indeed. It is a national beverage of Karrnath. One of their better exports, I would have to say.”

“I will have some later ...” Aidan says.

Then Ahlissa draws closer and looks concerned. “Was it the dream again?” she asks.

Aidan nods.

“I am sorry I made light of that. Was it bad?”

“The same as usual.”

“Would our interaction with Mhorvaeus possibly have triggered it? Perhaps hearing his language?”

“It could have … but then it might have reacted there and then. It did seem to me that he knew I would know that language. Yet he still spoke it.”

“And I thought I was suspicious ...” she teases “but seriously, that is curious. For him to know that you knew what he might be saying is very strange indeed. Of course, it could simply be that he is very perceptive – I don't think he would have been expecting someone to be listening for that particular language in my crew.”

“So … to take paranoia one step further” Aidan says with a smile “He would know, now, that you know what I know. He expressed a desire for you to do business with his associates. There could be a two edged sword to this.”

“And what could that be … ?”

“Well you know that he is not human and that he is evil. He conducted his business diligently but he does seem interested in something else. Indeed … your ship. And your strength could be your very weakness in his eyes. A weapon to be used. That is, your independence.”

“I see what you are saying. I am trusted in many places. Yes … I am viewing any further association with Mhorvaeus – or his associates – with caution. I am going to make some further enquiries now that we have met the man to see what more we can learn about him. I must confess no information came to light when I sought it prior to accepting the delivery. You could say I was curious and the task at hand offered a chance to get a foot inside his door. We may uncovered something sinister, or perhaps not. Still it is always good to get a better handle on who we are dealing with.”

“Whatever he is doing, his associates must be excavating beneath Gideon for he gave that much away.”

“Indeed … that could offer us an avenue of investigation. The old Dhakaani undercity can be treacherous environment. But interesting all the same. “

“Unless you are a vampire … or a servant thereof,” Aidan remarks.

“Yes,” she laughs in agreement.

On the second night of the return to Gideon a crew member brings Ahlissa startling news; the Zephyr Breeze is being shadowed by another vessel that is deliberately remaining distant, either on the horizon or behind distinctive features in the terrain that prevent it from being detected or easily observed. On two occasions Ahlissa orders a circling manoeuvre in the hope that they might catch a better view of the mysterious pursuer.

But it would seem the other vessel can either conceal itself or it may have altered its course in anticipation of Ahlissa's move to avoid detection.

Ahlissa instructs her crew to remain vigilant - "this may be related to Mhorvaeus' interests in our ship's capabilities," she suggests.

The Zephyr Breeze charts a course that again avoids passing directly over Gatherhold and it turns southeast so that it sweeps inland across the Blade Desert and then it turns sharply south to overfly the region of Crater Lake (now a massive scar in the earth and an actual crater) and former Zanarkand. Looking down, Aidan can see that it is a desolate and ruined place with ash and blackened rock and sand in many places. Remnants of the famous lightning towers juts out of the ruins at haphazard angles and the outlines of some of the larger stone buildings can be seen. There are no signs of life below and the sight of it fills Aidan with fear and forboding. He recalls how Izendraazt emerged and brought horror and terrible destruction to the place when Mabar fell.

The Zephyr Breeze arrives in Gideon and the crew secure her at the airship terminal. Ahlissa announces that all crew may enjoy two full days of rest and relaxation before they will be required to report for duty again. "What are your intentions while we are berthed here?" she asks Aidan.

He simply says he would like to hear of any news regarding the surveillance her associates offered to undertake in his absence and indicates he would be interested in contacting Jiliian, the assumed changeling, as he believes she will be expecting him to meet her as his note requested. Ahlissa nods and informs him of the results she has received from her associates.

Ahlissa tells Aidan about surveillance of the Broken Blade Inn and "Jillian":

"Jillian was followed to the inn by two agents. She remained alone and chose a table that gave her full visibility of the bar and table area.

It was clear she knew she was being watched and the agents soon realised her concern was not with them. Rather, it was a table at which three men were seated at. The men wore brown trousers, black shirts, black boots and wide-brimmed black hats. No obvious heraldry or indication of their affiliation to any master or organisation. They kept to themselves, drinking little and they were clearly observing her.

Jillian exited to the ladies amenities and one of our agents followed her. When she got to the room, Jillian was nowhere to be seen. She had vanished. Our agent employed magical detection in an attempt to locate her and was unable to. We suspect she either teleported with a spell or some device. It may also be possible that she 'stepped' out of this plane of existence, perhaps into the ethereal.

The letter was placed at the bar for Jillian as you instructed. Our agents have undertaken a continued watch but so far have not seen Jillian return."

Ahlissa tells Aidan about Master Brevax:

"We have agents embedded at the Korranberg Academic Centre as students who have a keen passion and a broad interest in Khorvaire's history.

They have learnt that Master Brevax was sponsored into the institution by Professor Akakios, who was impressed by Master Brevax's credentials and former curatorship of Zanarkand's museum and library complex.

Master Brevax came to realise his intention to mount an expedition to return to Zanarkand has caught the attention of several other scholars and professors both at the Korranberg Academic Centre and also from other external academic socities.

It is noted that one of these - the Morgrave Outreach Society - has already offered funding and resources for such an expedition to be made possible.

Our agents understand that Master Brevax is reluctant to accept "charity" from third parties and he would rather obtain the means to fund the expedition for himself. They have assessed that he is not currently under the undue influence of anyone, including any residual effect from his previous association with Lord Khannay, which was our most immediate concern.

His plan for the expedition is of his own free will. But there is potential that his activity may be exploited by the other interest parties.

We will continue to monitor the situation."

Aidan dresses casually and prepares to go to the Broken Blade inn. He intends to go alone, knowing that Ahlissa has at least two agents on the lookout and undercover there already prior to his arrival. He will carry his magical longsword, but in its scabbard and with a “peace tie” as is the custom when in public in Gideon City.

Aidan makes his way across the city to the inn. He finds it in the Northern part of the city, in the Pleasure Quarter. The Broken Blade inn is located immediately opposite the Northern gate which lies on one of the most direct routes into the city. Beyond the gate there is fertile farmland.

The inn looks a little bit decrepit and full of unsavoury looking types. It is raucous and very rowdy. Aidan is perhaps a little apprehensive about going in. The inn obviously gets its name from the massive broken blade mounted above the entrance door, presumably the sword belonged to a giant or something similar, hence the name.

Aidan enters. PERCEPTION 24.

He notices hanging on the far wall that there is a tribute painting to an ugly one eyed orc half-orc warrior who is dressed in fine mithril armour. Scrawled beneath the painting, in dried blood, is a name. The name is Thanatos, mighty warrior and Mithril Merc. Not Farmboy.

Aidan gets tapped roughly on the left shoulder and a gruff voice demands “Who said your kind could come in? We've got rules about pointy ears and by the look of them I would say your ears are pretty pointy.”

“Don't let that worry you, friend, because this pointy ears grew up on the same streets of Gideon as you've done.” Aidan says without turning and continues to the bar to order an ale.

“Oi – how dare you disrespect Odorous the Magnificent! Turn and face me …”

Aidan turns and sees a large bare-chested half orc glaring back at him.

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