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Otto bids Wulfram farewell after the enigmatic subterranean meeting. Of course, Wulfram realises this Otto was not the original man he had grown accustomed to as that man servant remained with Lord Viktor Crosstenmarch in Haastenmoord. This one had been talkative and yet ... secretive and perhaps deceptive at the same time.

As Wulfram exits from the cave and returns to the dark tunnels he looks back and sees Otto returning to his chair to listen to the musical device he had referred to as a 'gramophone'. The music it played seemed cheerful and, in a small way, the song it made lifted his heart and spirit in this troubled place.

Moving further through the tunnels Wulfram heard the chanting of the Corruptor's minions echoing and rising from below. And when he reached one of the outer cave tunnel junctions he recalled that the path to the right would take him to the shattered keep that Otto told him of earlier. He could leave or investigate the ruin and he paused for a moment, deliberating on that option.

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